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Cordoba, all to discover in its art museums

The city of Córdoba is a fascinating amalgam of the old and the present. Where else will you find DJs
La Ciudad de Córdoba es una fascinante amalgama de lo antiguo y lo actual.
| 14 December, 2019 |

The 715 km separating it from Buenos Aires do not transform the city of Córdoba into a provincial haven . Since 2006 it has been the Cultural Capital of the Americas, a title that fits perfectly.

Evita Superior Museum of Fine Arts

The Ferrerya Palaceis an emblematic building of Nueva Córdoba. It was built in the golden years of Argentina, 1914. It was designed by Ernest Sanson in the Louis XVI style. The building itself is amazing and, since 2007, has been this museum of fine arts, with more than 400 works in 12 rooms spread over three floors. If you like art or architecture, this place is unmissable.

Dr. Genaro Pérez Municipal Museum of Fine Arts

This art gallery is appreciated for its collection of paintings from 1868 to the present day. The works, including those of Emilio Caraffa, Lucio Fontana, Lino Spilimbergo, Antonio Berni and Antonio Seguí, chronologically show the history of the school of painting in Cordoba, in front of which is Genaro Pérezhimself, considered one of the precursors of the painting of Córdoba. The artist was especially devoted to portrait and painting of religious affairs. The museum is housed in the Garzón Palace, an unusual building from the late 19th century named after its original owner. It also features outstanding exhibitions of contemporary art that change regularly.

Walk of the Good Shepherd

This cultural center and entertainment space was built in 1901 as a women’s asylum and prison, it also had a chapel. In 2004 work began to restore, recover and highlight this emblematic building with architectural, historical and artistic values of unique characteristics in the city of Córdoba. In mid-2007 it reopened to exhibit the work of young and emerging artists from Córdoba. The central courtyard area houses a couple of trendy cafes where the tourist can relax with an Apple Martini or two. The adjacent chapel hosts regular live music performances.

Marqués de Sobremonte Provincial Historical Museum

It is worth visiting one of the most important historical museums in the country, if only to see the colonial house it occupies: an 18th-century house that belonged to Rafael Núñez, the governor colonial of Córdoba and later viceroy of the Río de la Plata The building has 26 rooms, seven interior courtyards, walls of one meter thick and an impressive wrought-iron balcony supported by carved wooden supports. The architecture combines in an exquisite way typologies of the Roman and Andalusian dwelling. So it is a faithful exponent of the Baroque language of the 18th century in America.

Emilio Caraffa Provincial Museum of Fine Arts

One of the best museums of contemporary art in the city is sumptuous

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