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Concepción del Yaguareté Corá, National Historical Village

In the province of Corrientes, it is possible to visit a National Historic Village: Concepción del Yaguareté Corá.
21 September, 2019

In the province of Corrientes, today it is possible to visit a National Historic Village. This is Concepción del Yaguareté Corá, a place worth exploring for its nature, architecture and history.

Located in the north of the province, about 183 kilometers from the capital, the town is the head of the Concepción Department. Recently, the Government declared a section of this locality a National Historic Village. He considered that in Concepción del Yaguareté Corá “nature, its sandy streets and a strong Italianizing architecture that marks the prestige and development of the city in other times”.

The village was founded on September 21, 1796. At the end of 1810, General Manuel Belgrano, under the command of Colonel Tomás de Rocamora, passed it on his way to Paraguay. At that time it was a hamlet with no more than 12 ranches. At the end of the 19th century, colonization projects were carried out. Between 1909 and 1913, during the governorate of Juan Ramón Vidal, land allocation was resumed.

Undoubtedly, it is worth taking time to visit this town that has a fundamental heritage for our history.

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