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What to do in the neighborhood of Retiro

A very important historic neighborhood that offers plenty to see. We tell you 5 must-see in the neighborhood of Retiro, in Buenos Aires.

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

The spaces of cities, over the years, vary their importance and functions. However, under the everyday trail, we can find the marks of history. The neighborhood of Retiro, in the   City of Buenos Aires   , keeps an important part of our past. At the same time, financial and residential center was the gateway of millions of immigrants between the 19th and 20th centuries.

Where the Plaza San Martín is currently, there was once a bullring. In addition, during   English invasions   , a historic confrontation took place there. The property also received instructions   grenadiers of San Martin   .

In   Retreat   we find numerous buildings and   monuments   historical, as well as many traditional churches in the city: the Basilica Our Lady of Socorro and the Santa Catherine Convent of Siena, among others. In the area you can also visit the galleries on Florida pedestrian street.

We leave you 5 must-see in the neighborhood of Retiro:

1. San Martin Square

It is one of the oldest squares in the city, the scene of important historical events. French landscape designer Carlos Thays, responsible for many of the city's main green spaces, made significant contributions and incorporated new species into its vegetation. In addition to its varied indigenous and foreign specimens, Plaza San Martín presents important monuments and sculptural works. In 1942 it was declared   Historic Place   .

2. Florida Street

It is the pedestrian shopping street par excellence. There we can walk until we get tired and find   locals   of all kinds. An unfailing place in the neighborhood of Retiro.

3. Retiro Station

The Retiro station was built according to a project carried out by English engineers and architects around 1908 and was inaugurated in 1915. All parts used in its construction were manufactured in the UK. Its structure corresponds to the large passenger stations of the nineteenth century. Over the years, it was restored several times and underwent various remodeling, without losing its monumental physiognomy. In 2006 it was declared   National Historical Monument   .

4. Monumental Tower

Also known as the Tower of the   English   , the Monumental Tower was built in 1916. Throughout the 20th century, the monument became a faithful witness of urban development and the various waves of immigration, which made Retiro one of the main gateways to the City of Buenos Aires, through the railway station and the city's port. The Monumental Tower was closed until its reopening in 2001, when it began to function as a Centre for Reporting   Museums   . The tower is 60 meters high and has a viewpoint from which you can see the neighborhood.

5. Kavanagh Building

At 120 meters high, this amazing skyscraper was the tallest in South America and the first to have luxury details such as air conditioning. Kavanagh is an architectural symbol of Buenos Aires. Works to build it began in 1934 on an idea promoted by Corina Kavanagh. It was finally inaugurated in 1936. In 1999 it was declared a National Historical Monument and, since that same year, it belongs to the World Heritage of Architecture of Modernity, by decision of the   UNESCO   .

Publication Date: 10/05/2020

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