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The Colon Theater

Teatro Colón is one of the must-see in the lyrical world, at the height of La Scala in Milan, the Opéra Garnier in Paris and the Royal Opera House in London.

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Teatro Colón

 Teatro Colón  is one of the must-see in the lyrical world, at the height of La Scala in Milan, the Opéra Garnier in Paris and the Royal Opera House in London.

With more than a century of existence, in 2008 the City Government began an in-depth restoration, with the aim of restoring it all its splendor and, at the same time, to provide it with the most important technological advances. This play allowed the Theatre to be reinaugurated for the bicentennial of the Nation, in 2010.

Colon Theatre

Since his first performance on 25 May 1908, in which Giuseppe Verdi's opera Aida was performed, the most important directors, singers and dancers in history, such as Igor Stravinsky, Herbert von Karajan, Daniel Barenboim, Maria Callas, Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, Rudolf Nureyev,  Julio Bocca  and Maximiliano Guerra.

Colon Theatre

Its construction, which lasted almost 20 years, is the work of the architects Francesco Tamburini, Victor Meano and Jules Dormal. This work participated 1500 people. According to the great conductors, Colón is one of the best of its kind. The horseshoe room generates a perfect distribution of sound and the three floors of boxes designed with soft materials - fabrics, woods, carpets - achieve optimal absorption.

Hard materials such as marble and bronze were used on the upper floors to perfect the reflection of the waves.Its dome was decorated by the Argentine painter Raúl Soldi and to do so took 41 days. The Teatro building also houses different workshops where the productions of their shows are held, as well as the Instituto Superior de Arte, recognized around the world and where future lyric singers and dancers are formed, such is the case of Julio Bocca and Maximiliano Guerra.

Colon Theatre
  • One of the most remembered anecdotes in the history of Teatro Colón had as its protagonist the temperamental director Arturo Toscanini, who in 1912 decided to retire from a rehearsal, disgusted by how a clarinetist played. Since there was no other bass clarinet in Buenos Aires, the Teatro authorities had to convince the master to revive his decision. Finally, Toscanini gave in but then who did not want to play was the clarinetist offended.
  • The Italian architect Francesco Tamburini designed the Columbus project, but died before the beginning of the works. He was succeeded by his fellow countryman Victor Meano, who also died before the inauguration. In addition to sharing country of origin and the misfortune of not having been able to complete their work, they had something more in common: they both died at age 44. A lot of people talked about “the curse of the Columbus.”
  • Italian soprano Claudia Muzio used to throw holy water on stage, but at Teatro Colón that caused her a slip and fall into the orchestra's moat.
colon theater 

Source ref: GCBA

Publication Date: 10/04/2019

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