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The Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve

An oasis, in every way, in the City of Buenos Aires, we tell you what you can do.

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
reserva ecológica costanera sur

With its 350 hectares, the nature reserve is the largest green space in the city of Buenos Aires and one of Buenos Aires's favorite places for hiking, cycling, jogging or family day on the weekend.

An unbeatable proposal to know the native flora and fauna in the heart of the city. Forests, meadows, lagoons and wetlands are part of this unique area, which was declared a Ramsar area in 2005 due to its global importance as a wetland.

The reserve is part of the Ecorute Rio de la Plata, a space of more than 100 km long that connects the green spaces and protected areas of the AMBA and its surroundings. Among them are the Paraná River Delta Biosphere Reserve, Ciervo de los Pantanos National Park and the Pilar Urban Nature Reserve.

constanera sur ecological reserve

As if something special was needed to know the more than 2000 species that can be seen on its six trails, including plants, animals, fungi, insects, turtles, lizards and coypos, the reserve is surrounded by historical value. The place is located a few meters from  Puerto Madero  and very close to the historic center of Buenos Aires.

A separate paragraph deserves bird watching in this area. Specialists from all over the world come to the reserve to see the more than 343 species flying through the sky. You can discover at least 50 different in two hours.

In 1986 the Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve was declared a Natural Park and Reserve Zone.

Tips for your visit

ecological reserve costanera sur

The Reserve has as its great purpose to preserve the natural environment and promote its regeneration. Add your commitment during the visit to minimize impact, so others can enjoy this unique protected area in the future.

Some tips to live your experience respectfully and responsibly:

 Watch and surprise yourself without disturbing. 

Carefully, you can spot some animals. They are not used to seeing you and can affect them if you disturb them, hurt, caress or get too close to them, their eggs, offspring or larvae. Nor do you feed them because their behaviors are altered and they can get sick.

 I discovered without damaging. 

The Reserve has been regenerating for years. If you extract flowers or leaves as souvenirs; or remove vegetation, you can damage nature and affect the growth and reproduction processes of the species. Similarly, if you introduce plants or release animals, you can disturb, displace or extinguish native species.

 I learned to listen quietly. 

Nature manifests itself at every moment. It is not allowed to speak up, play music and use speakers in order to discover and enjoy each of its expressions.

 Ask, meet and learn. 

I went to the Interpretation Center and the points of attention where they will provide information and help you interpret nature.

Source: Tourist Entity of the City of Buenos Aires

Publication Date: 28/12/2020

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