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Tegui, the restaurant in German

Innovative Argentinian cuisine with world famous by a low-key media chef.

Tegui is owned by the media chef Germán Martitegui and his restaurant ranks 16th among the Best 50 Restaurants in Latin America, ranking prepared by the consultant William Reed.

German was born in Necochea and after working in Argentina traveled to Europe and the United States to perfect himself. On his return he served as head chef of Francis Malmann and then opened his own premises. His secret, as he himself defines it, is to combine local products, letting your food talk. In 2017 he was chosen by his colleagues from Latin America to receive the Chef's Choice Award.


The exterior of the premises maintains the low profile spirit of the Cheff, a wall with street art a discreet black door and a small plaque that says Tegui. Inside an old house with details that really impress with its elegance and mono chromatism. In compensation for this, the eight-step tasting menu is served in full tecnicolor. Oenophiles will love the cellar for its labels and aesthetics.


In the menu Martitegui shows dishes with ingredients from all over our country, from tunas to Patagonian oysters. There are even dishes from the different regions of Argentina where it mixes and combines flavors and textures. Favorites are the kid in grape leaves, roasted lettuce with anchovies, vieras with kefir cream and quinoa. Or goat cheese with kiwicha and cayote, grilled gizzards with pine mushrooms and green apple sauce.

In this new normal, after being closed for five weeks Tegui was reinvented and transformed into Tegui at Casa. Germán himself assures that this is a way to democratize food. It is a delivery proposal with which the chef seeks a more accessible consumption. Their boxes go beyond food, include from notes to remember that the pandemic will also pass, breads for breakfast the next day. As well as wines to harmonize or homemade tutorials for customers to get involved and get hands into the dough. Food arrives in the vacuum-closed houses which allows to heat, serve and taste them with the same freshness of having eaten them in the premises.


The options of #TeguienCasa are entrances such as rabbit terrine with pistachios and figs, or Patagonian prawns with passion fruit curry sauce. Among the main ones, duck confit with hibiscus jam and celerabia and blonde corvina with octopus bolognese and chorizo. For dessert, Argentine cheeses with pears in compote and chocolate pressing with dulce de leche and strawberries. All the boxes go with a cremon and walnut bread.

 Address:  Costa Rica 5852, Palermo, Buenos Aires

Rating: 0/5.