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Why now is the best time to visit Puerto Madryn

Puerto Madryn offers a high range of alternatives to visit it. And this season, the options are many.

Hidden in a protected bay in northern   Patagonia  ,  Puerto Madryn was founded, in 1865, by 150 Welsh immigrants fleeing the economic difficulties of the Revolution Industrial of Great Britain. Today it is a thriving city that has a lot to offer to the visitor.

The area around Puerto Madryn is famous for its diverse  wildlife . La  Reserva de Punta Loma , just 17 km from the city, is the best place to see sea lions in a hair sunbathing.

You can discover much more of the natural world at the Ecocentro, an interactive  scientific pole  full of swimming pools, attractive exhibits and panoramic  sea views. For outdoor adventurers and wildlife lovers, Puerto Madryn offers an exciting and immersive escape.

Sea and Beach

From the pier in the city centre, Madryn offers a beach coastline ideal for walking, jogging or spending the day in front of the sea without waves of the  Gulf Nuevo . Also, along the coast, a wide rambla is transformed into an ideal circuit for cycling, skateboarding or rollers.

The  city  has 7 spas and a municipal resort offering free shows and dance classes every summer day. It also has beach volleyball courts and every Saturday in January and February the tourist can visit “Madryn Edible” a walk of flavors in the Recreational Playon entrance to  Pier Piedra Buena . It is an excellent proposal where local entrepreneurs offering a wide variety of  gastronomic  together local artists, admission is free and free.

In many of the paradores there are wind and kite surfing classes, kayaking, board rental and stand up paddle and yoga classes, diving baptisms and snorkeling with sea lions in the aforementioned  Punta Loma. 

Not only do you live from the sun

Puerto Madryn is a fishing port that, combined with an excellent level of chefs, offers a unique alternative on the Patagonian Atlantic coast. It also has one of the oldest and most important gastronomic festivals in southern Argentina,  “Madryn al Plato” . Lamb, wakame algae and salicorns, salt crystals, prawns, razors and squid star the charts of restaurants throughout the city.

Madryn's dolphins

After the   Whale   season that runs from June to December, some varieties of dolphins arrive in Puerto Madryn. The sighting extends until April, it is surprising to live the experience of dolphins in their natural habitat.

The main specimen of the waters of the Gulf Nuevo is the Dark Dolphin, which travels in groups ranging from eight to fifteen specimens, which dance around the boats.

But it is not the only one: there are also ordinary dolphins that, associated with the dark ones, delight tourists. In a lesser amount the tonina overa and the classic bottlenose dolphin are observed.

Advanced Hill

Cerro Avanzado is a beach close to Puerto Madryn. A couple of kilometers south of Punta Loma. In addition to the beautiful beaches laden with restingas, you can climb to a geological formation of more than 105 meters high.

For those who love  trekking  it is the ideal combination of cañadones, hills and sea. From the top of the hill you can see the entire Valdes Peninsula and the sumptuousness of the Gulf Nuevo. To the right Punta Ninfas and over the other sector of the mouth El Morro Nuevo

Culture in the city

For the tourist looking for something more than sun, beach and adventure, the city offers a wide range of activities, shows and shows throughout the season. La rambla is the place where musician from the region and nationals offer free shows. All this adds to the cultural proposals available throughout the year, such as visits to the  Oceanographic Museum , guided tours of the  National Patagonian Center (CENPAT), dependent on  CONICET , and exhibitions at the Municipal Museum of Art.

Puerto Madryn wakes up every morning facing south of Argentinae looking at the calm waters of the New Gulf. Inhabited by simple, enterprising and friendly people who live in harmony with the environment, a place to meet.