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What to do in summer in Puerto Madryn

The ideal summer time to plan a family holiday is coming.

Puerto Madryn

 Beaches and spas 

From the pier, in the center of Puerto Madryn, to the Monument to the Indio there are uninterrupted kilometers of beach to walk, run, stretch the pareo and spend the day in front of the calm waters of the New Gulf. Also for activities such as Wind and kite surfing, kayaking and stand up padel.

The beaches are always wide, but when the tide is low, from the Rambla there can be several blocks of sand to the shore. Therefore, unless you look otherwise, it is very easy to find a secluded place, your own, and at the same time you are close to a parador with all the services. As for the climate, in summer the maximum temperatures reach 35° C and in water, it is around 18°.

Puerto Madryn has 7 spas: Bistro de Mar, Go Grill, Yoaquina, Coral, Sara Beach, Club 01, Enjoy beach and the Parador Municipal which has free shows and dance classes every summer day.

 Snorkeling with Wolves 

A wonderful experience that invites you to experience Puerto Madryn is snorkeling with sea lions. Undisputed appeal to visitors, a unique experience in live contact with wild animals in a protected area. The sea lions surprise with their little heads very close to the boat, waiting, looking to find out who will be the first person to enter the water to play with them. The game is proposed by them and tourists as spectators adapt. It is an activity that can be done all year round.

 Puerto Madryn National Diving Capital 

In Puerto Madryn you can perform underwater baptism, without prior knowledge and also deeper dives or visit shipwrecks, for certified divers. When you walk the seabed, you can see groupers, Turks, sargos, sea salmon, invertebrates such as starfish, sea urchins, anemones, sea sponges, etc as well as a wide variety of algae that give the place an underwater forest look.

 Penguin Season 

From September to April, walking among penguins is one of the most chosen excursions for nature lovers. The largest population in the world is located near the city distributed in several colonies. This species of sea bird can be observed in Punta Tombo, Punta Ninfas and Península Valdés. Hundreds of thousands of specimens are observed in penguineras of Penguins Valdés; in the Natural Heritage Reserve they can be found in the viewpoint of Punta Cantor in Caleta Valdés, or enter to the colony of Punta Norte through the “Estancia San Lorenzo”. The newest colony located in Punta Ninfas has its access through the estancia “El Pedral” and the oldest colony is in Punta Tombo, starting in September.

 Excursions to Punta Loma 

The excursion to Punta Loma has a magnificent view, as it allows you to spot sea lions and birds from a cliff, all year round. In the vicinity and along the way you can see the arid atmosphere of the Patagonian coast where there are plenty of guanacos, foxes, ñandúes, maras and copetones. The visit to Punta Loma can be complemented by a stop at Parana Beach.

4x4 Cerro Advanced with Mini Treaking

The tour begins with a tour of the south area of Puerto Madryn and city tour, visit to Punta Cuevas and historical monument to the Indian Tehuelche, tour of Kaiser beach, panoramic points, tour of unconventional roads up and down canyons, interpretation of intertidal zones, tour of Paraná Beach and view of the “Folias” (Sunken boat), tour of field footprints, interpretation of the flora of the place, panoramic point “Cerro Avanzado” and ends with the tour of canyons with observation and interpretation of Marine Fossils.

Dark Dolphin Watching

Between December and April, numerous boats sail from the port of the city of Puerto Madryn, to transport you to an amazing experience: dolphin watching in their natural habitat. The star of the summer season in Puerto Madryn is the sighting of the Dark Dolphin, a different experience in the waters of the New Gulf. This mammal, which is usually gathered in groups ranging from eight to fifteen specimens, approaches the boats allowing passengers to enjoy and enjoy one of the most beautiful and unforgettable natural shows in the area.

Source and Credits Mixed Tourism Authority of Puerto Madryn

Publication Date: 31/10/2020

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