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Two must-see places in Los Alerces National Park

The Futaleufu Dam and Amutui Quimey Reservoir are the starting point to explore the Los Alerces National Park

que ver en el parque nacional los alerces

 Los Alerces National Park , located to the west of the province of  Chubut   in the   Cordillera   de Los Andes, offers us infinite spaces to know and enjoy the immensity of the Cordillera in Patagonia .In addition to having a unique millennial forest, since larch is the second longest plant species on the planet. On the other hand, it is nestled in a particular place by the natural beauty of the surroundings.

 The park has three accesses  , the  North, Central and South Front. From the latter, located a few kilometers from the village of  Trevelin  , you can access the  Amutui Quimey Reservoir, Futaleufú Dam and a large number of trails throughout the year and, in summer, the place also invites us to visit the pozones, for a good dip. In addition, it is a highly sought after spot by fans of sport fishing.

what to see in los alerces national park

 Lost Beauty 

 The Interpretation Path  allows us to know the construction process and the origins of the reservoir and dam. Amutui Quimey, which in Mapuche language means “hidden beauty” or “lost beauty”, to refer to the forests that were left underwater, which are currently the reason for high altitude diving excursions.

In addition to walking the trail, a road suitable for vehicles that winds next to the wall to reach its top, from where it is achieved, contemplate the lake in all its length and you can get a wonderful panoramic view. The tour can be concluded in the machine room of the hydroelectric power station.

The dam, meanwhile, was built between 1971 and 1976 with the aim of providing electricity to the Aluar aluminum plant in  Puerto Madryn , while the surplus would be destined to the public use.

what to see in los alerces national park

 Other places to tour 

In addition, from the South Front you can access other trails, with varying degrees of difficulty to get to know in depth the Los Alerces National Park. It is necessary to clarify that, in some of them, you must first register in the Reporting Centre, for a question of safety of tourists.

The viewpoint  Los Pozones  proposes a short walk to a point that offers a view from the top towards the pozones where formerly the rapids of the  Futaleufu River  were formed.

 Los Tambores Trail  is approximately one kilometer from the Reporting Center. Of low difficulty, it is ideal to travel with the youngest. There we walk the trail that leads us to the middle of the forest between cypress trees, ferns and coihues to reach a small waterfall.

 The Laguna del Toro Trail  is already something else and longer. Between round trip it is about four kilometers and the journey takes about four hours. There you travel the road in the middle of the forest, populated with ñires and cypresses until you reach the foot of Cerro La Monja, where the Laguna del Toro is located.

Finally, the  journey to La Balsa  begins on the banks of the Amutui Quimey reservoir with an ascent to a portezuelo. From there, you start a descent to a pampa and the trail continues along a road passing the Burgos Town to La Balsa, in front of the Guardaparques Sectional. This is a journey of about six hours, just over 12 and a half kilometers, in which only the trip is enabled. For this tour, mandatory registration at the Reporting Center is required.

These tours are just a sample of everything that Los Alerces National Park has to offer to neighbors and tourists in the immensity of its more than 263 thousand hectares.

Publication Date: 03/01/2021

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