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Two more and they're already

We were excited when we read it, the birth of two babies in Peninsula Valdes. Do you want to know what is so special about this birth? I kept reading.


Staff from  Protected Areas de Chubut  and  Peninsula Valdes Orca Research  reported that  2 baby whales  were observed in the area. The photograph, which we shared with you, was taken by the  guardafunas  Paula Ciraolo and Jorge Martin and is the baby of  Jazmin  . She is not any orca, she is nothing less than the daughter of the great matriarch Ishtar, who disappeared in 2011. The social composition of these marine mammals is life in families under a  matriarchy .

Madryn orcas babies

On February 2 Paula and Jorge photographed Jazmin in Punta Norte without any baby. Weeks later she was seen with a baby, which would indicate that he drinks would have a few months to live. Another group of whales, under  Maga  's orders, was spotted a few months ago with a puppy. If this information is reconfirmed, this would be the sixth breeding of Maga and his group. This is how from now on the Jazmin group is composed of five orcas, and Maga's group by 11.

 Peninsula Valdes  is one of the best places in the world to see whales in its purest form. This is the place they come to eat and entertain enthusiastic tourists. Orcas love this particular part of our country because of the great abundance of their favorite food, seal offspring.

Knocking down Myths

Although they call them  killer whales, killer whales are not dangerous, they kill to feed and there is no evidence that they have ever attacked humans in the wild. The name of killer whales was given by Spanish whales in the 17th century when they noticed that whales were hunting whales  to feed themselves .

 Orcas  do not have predators known in nature, so they hunt freely without fear of being attacked by another sea animal. They feed on seals, sea lions, penguins, fish, dolphins, sharks and even whales.

Seeing orcas in Peninsula Valdes is not an exact science, but rather a matter of luck. However, if you follow our tips for detecting killer whales, you will definitely maximize your chances of seeing these beautiful animals.

Madryn North Point

These cetaceans have a peculiarity that occurs only on the  Patagonian coasts , their  hunting strategy. Specialists call it intentional stranding. The method consists of literally whitewashed on the beach to capture young wolves and elephants seals.  Scientists  themselves consider  it “one of the most spectacular predatory behaviors in wildlife on the planet.”  

To know more about this technique we must go back to 1974, when it was first observed in Punta Norte. The female leader, among other duties, teaches the younger whales that unique eating  behavior  . Something more particular is that not all groups do it. At present, only three do.

Madryn coast

When to visit Peninsula Valdes

The orcas are located around the  coast of Patagonia  throughout the year. The best time to detect them in Punta Norte is from March to April, when they are most likely to approach the shore to  hunt young  sea lions.

While these coastal animals can be found throughout the year in Peninsula Valdes, in September  puppies are born, so in March they begin to splash in the water, making them an easy target for killer whales.

Another time is between October and November, in Caleta Valdés.

The importance of tides

The time to see them is not just any. Orcas attacks are more likely to occur during  high tide  (an hour before and an hour later), so it's worth coinciding your visit according to high tide. There are 2 each day, we leave this website and instructions for you to consult and you can better schedule the  sighting  on the coast:

1 - In the  Port Pattern List  box on the left, select  Puerto Madryn 

2 — And down the one you're doing the visit

3 - Select:  Run the Query  and on the next page scroll down to find the day/month you are looking for.

4 - Add 3 hours if you go to  Punta Norte and 2 to Caleta.  

Try to get to that observation point about 2 hours before high tide because sometimes they get ahead.

Good weather matters

As with all safaris, when the weather is clear and the sea is calm, it maximizes your chances of seeing the killer whales. If the sea is agitated, it will be harder to detect them.

Where to stay in Península Valdés?

The longer you spend waiting, the greater your chances of seeing the killer whales. Most people stay in  Puerto Madryn  and take a day trip to Punta Norte, a 3-hour trip.

If you have the budget, you can choose to settle in a private stay in Peninsula Valdes with direct access to the  beach . Being in that area, you will definitely maximize your chances of detecting them.

There are also some accommodation available in  Puerto Pirámides , the gateway to the Peninsula. While it is about an hour's drive from the observation points, you're still on the peninsula and much closer than Puerto Madryn.

Interest Data

In Punta Norte, access to the beach is prohibited, but there is a  trail  a little higher where it is possible to see this amazing event. Going by car is the best option, checking the  tides , you can go whenever you want. The other option is that you hire a tur with some enabled operator.

I drove with caution because the road is  gravel . Find out before leaving the state of the routes if it rained the day before.

In Punta Norte there is a café, a kiosk, public toilets and a parking area to wait until the show begins.

 Activities  are free, only one fee per person is paid to access the Peninsula Valdez Protected Area.

Madryn as an international destination has connection with the most important towns in the country if you are going to go by bus. By car the distances are to Ciudad de Buenos Aires: 1,300 km, Rosario: 1,410 km, Cordoba 1,506 km, Mendoza 1,457 km In some sections of the routes monotony can cause sleep, if you are tired do not drive.

Madryn has an airport, but there are no daily flights. The best option is  Trelew  at 70 kilometers.

We thank the Secretariat of Tourism of Puerto Madryn for all the audiovisual material that allowed us to share you.
The photos are from Maxi Jonas (@maxijonas), a friend.

 We suggest you continue reading the following notes: 

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