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Trelew, a city to visit

From the province of Chubut, Trelew invites us to take a sightseeing tour that combines the paleontological richness of the region with the many natural beauties.


First, the city houses the  Paleontological Museum Egidio Feruglio  (MEF), which covers the history of natural life from the first microorganisms to the birth of the human race, and highlights the surprising presence of the dinosaurs that lived in Argentinian Patagonia more than 65 million years ago.

patagotitan patagonia argentina

Since entering the MEF there are reproductions of the first men —from 10,000 years ago— and from there, room after room, begins a journey through time that will show us the mammals and birds of yesteryear, and the dinosaurs of Patagonia. Like Carnotaurus, Argentinosaur and the star of the place the Patagotitan mayorum which was the largest terrestrial animal known in the world. Such is its size that they are building a new space to house it.

To conclude the walk we can see, through a window overlooking an adjoining room, how the museum scientists work on the restoration of fossils that they themselves extract from the surroundings of Trelew, and then be replicated and exhibited. It is one of the most important paleontology museums in South America, and is open to the public from Monday to Monday. It also has an auditorium, a dinobar for moments of relaxation, and a dinoshop to acquire memories of the visit.

The visit to the MEF can be complemented by a walk through the Bryn Gwyn Geopark, located 23 km from Trelew. This place offers the possibility to travel 40 million years for approximately three hours of walking, during which you can observe the different geological and fossils that have been found in the place, as well as the typical Patagonian flora. It is an ideal accessory walk to conclude the path from the time the fossil is found to the replica exhibited in the museum.

 Tombo Point 

punta tombo patagonia argentina

In the Magellan penguin reserve in Punta Tombo, the visitor has the possibility to walk between more than a million specimens and discover the habits of this species in the course of its reproduction. Punta Tombo is a narrow and stony strip that penetrates the sea just over three kilometers, with very wide beaches and gentle decline, features that penguins use to form their nests.

Punta Tombo Natural Protected Area is located 107 km south of the city of Trelew. To reach it you will travel by asphalt road until the entrance to the reserve, allowing the visitor a simple and quick access.

Punta Tombo is one of the largest wildlife shows in the world. There is no other penguin colony of this magnitude that is so easily accessible. The species arrive in September to reproduce. First do males, who condition the nest they left the previous year, and wait for the females, who do not delay in arriving. After the meeting, it's time for courtship. In the first days of October the females lay two eggs and, after 40 days of shared incubation with the male, in mid-November the pigeons are born. Newborns appear covered with dark gray down, which lose in February, when they molt into a youthful plumage. At this time they become independent, and make their first raids into the sea in search of food. Already in April the whole colony returns to the sea to return to the Punta Tombo Reserve, as they always do.

Publication Date: 21/08/2020

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