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The whales have arrived in Puerto Madryn!

We invite you to travel to Patagonia, to a city where nature has no limits. The experiences to be lived are many. Today, we're talking about whales.


When May begins to awaken the rangers of the El Doradillo Protected Natural Area see the first specimens of the Queen of the Gulf Nuevo, the Southern right whale.
In May, whales enter the Gulf and San José in search of calm waters to fulfill their reproductive cycle . They do so occasionally, slowly, after spending a season or two feeding on krill in the cold waters of the southern hemisphere. They are not gregarious animals, so each specimen, in a solitary way, is located in the quietest areas to give birth and raise their whales. Also, males will try to stay close to copulate. That is why until the arrival of all the specimens is completed, it can happen that they are seen one day and then spend a few days without seeing them.
The Doradillo is located in the Bay of the Gulf Nuevo, the ocean gate to the Valdés Peninsula, an area of of rich ecological diversity with a wide variety of wildlife, particularly whales and dolphins. From the coast you can see the magnificent southern right whale swimming through the blue waters. This area of Puerto Madryn offers the unique opportunity to see these magnificent marine mammals as Only 25 meters. At that distance, you will hear the breathing of these giants.
The onboard sighting is an experience to remember for life where you can contemplate the whales in their habitat natural. From Pirámides, the only village within the Peninsula Valdés nature reserve, boats depart. These excursions extend for about an hour and a half. They are made during the day or under the light of the sunset, and are accompanied by nature guides with a lot of knowledge on the subject, experts in spotting Whales in the distance.

And if you have time

Another wonderful experience that invites to live Puerto Madryn is snorkeling with sea lions. An undisputed attraction for visitors, a unique experience in live contact with wild animals in a protected area. The sea lobates surprise with their little heads very close to the boat, expecting, looking to discover who will be the first person to enter the water. The game is proposed by them and tourists as spectators adapt. It is an activity that can be done all year round.

Penguin Season

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Publication Date: 24/05/2020

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