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The stone stop, a treasure of Chubut

A stone whose origin tells us the story of what happened thousands of years ago.


Nature constantly gives us wonders that man will never be able to match. Unparalleled phenomena that occur through the passage of the years and peoples. Our country is full of those magical points that we risk overlooking if we are not warned. In  Chubut, it is essential to know the Natural Protected Area  Piedra Parada . In the middle of the valley of the Chubut River, in the middle of the  Patagonian steppe, is rises a stone whose origin tells us the story of what was happening in those lands thousands of years ago. There was a large volcanic eruption and part of that lava that came out of the center of the earth solidified and created the huge  210-meter  high rock that today fascinates visitors.In addition to the stone stop, on site you can find walls up to 150 meters high, which treasure rock paintings left as a legacy by the ancient inhabitants of the area. But this destination offers options for all tastes: it is also an ideal place for fishing,  trekking  and climbing  . Located just 150 km from Esquel  , those who approach the area are already warned: geological, archaeological and landscape richness, and adventure tourism, all in the same place. So you don't miss it!

Publication Date: 13/08/2018

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