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Much more than whales

Argentinian Patagonia is full of destinations that astonish whoever comes to visit them.

Argentinian Patagonia is full of destinations that astonish whoever comes to visit them. Península Valdés is, without a doubt, one of the star sites of this region, and the reasons are not minor: few places in the world offer the possibility of observing such a diversity of animals in their natural environment. Península Valdés is located in the province of Chubut, 77 kilometers from Puerto Madryn. It is considered one of the most important whale-watching destinations on the planet: it receives the largest breeding population of southern right whales, with more than 2000 catalogued by the Whale Conservation Institute and the Ocean Alliance. To its gigantic whales -which can be seen a few meters away- are added sea lions and elephant seals, penguins, killer whales, toninas overas, guanacos and a great variety of birds, among many other species, which are found in this 360,000 hectare Natural Reserve where there are almost no more inhabitants than these. Its remarkable fauna population has made the place was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. However, all these are simply empty data if compared to the inexplicable experience of being there, surrounded by the blue beauty of the sea, accompanied by these incredible creatures that make us feel that the world is really much bigger than us.

Publication Date: 05/10/2018

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