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Los Alerces, the National Park that protects invaluable natural treasures

Los Alerces National Park is a firm candidate to become one of Argentina's 7 Natural Wonders.

Los Alerces

Located in the northwest of the province of Chubut, 50 kilometers from the mountain city of Esquel and 25 kilometers from Trevelin, on the international border with Chile, Los Alerces National Park houses a unique millennial forest, for being the second longest living plant species on the planet and for the natural beauty of the environment.

Among the oldest trees that inhabit this park is the larch or lahuán, a gigantic conifer that was in danger of extinction and that can reach the age of four thousand years according to the records, with 75 meters high and 3.5 meters in diameter.

With an area of 259,570 hectares belonging to the Patagonian Forest ecoregion, the National Park is part of the Norpatagonian Andean Biosphere Reserve, and was declared in 2017 as a World Heritage Site, in both cases by decision of Unesco.

“ This National Park is one of the most important attractions we have in Esquel, which visitors can access by car or by bicycle,” Mariela Garayo, from the Tourism Secretariat of the Patagonian town, told Télam.

“ It is an attraction that receives visitors throughout the year as the landscape is changing and is very beautiful,” Garayo emphasized.
He also reported that from the Ministry of Tourism a campaign was carried out through primary schools, together with the administration of National Parks, to raise awareness of the importance of voting in the final of the contest.

“ The idea was to generate talks to the kids and reach their relatives and their acquaintances through them to inform the issue and highlight the importance of this vote,” he stressed.

From the local Tourism Secretariat there will also be a post on social networks related to the park, “because we want the people of Esquel and surrounding towns to become aware of the importance of the site becoming one of the 7 wonders of Argentina, a choice that would be very important at tourism level for development of those neighboring localities,” he said.

Meanwhile, in dialogue with Télam, the National Park Administration celebrated “the participation of the community in this initiative that collaborates with the dissemination of the natural beauties of Argentina, where nine National Parks have been selected to participate in the final instance”.

In this sense, they invited people to continue discovering all the parks and reserves that make up the National Protected Areas System, which now reach a total of 48, and extends throughout the country.

Source: Télam

Publication Date: 26/04/2019

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By: Juan 26 April, 2019

Cuándo van a concursar los cargos de Intendentes/as de Parques Nacional? con perfil profesional como establece el SINEP, para que los guardaparques se bajen de la 4x4, ensillen el caballo y salgan al monte a vigilar y controlar cazadores furtivos, entre otras funciones específicas por las que poseen un retiro privilegiado. Chipy, chipi te voy a dar...

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