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Camping in paradise

Are you passionate about campsite? You have to go to Los Alerces Park. Lake, forests, mountains, rivers, trekking: we tell you everything you have to do.

 Los Alerces National Park  is for couple, family or alone. Its landscapes lend themselves to everything.  But they're special for the campsite.  So, if you were a scout, you're nostalgia for the trips you were doing with your old men in a tent when you were a kid or, if you're just a crazy life who is passionate about  traveling  and want to do it with  Low budget  , read well: this is the place .

Designated a World Heritage Site in 2017, the Park was created in 1937 for the conservation of  forests  of this species, which is highly valued, has very slow growth and one of the most long-lived of the world. The place is wonderful, and Andean Patagonia is presented in  a succession of spectacular lakes surrounded by vegetation, viewpoints and streams. 

Located to the west of the province of  Chubut  this National Park receives visits throughout the year as its landscape is attractive in every season. But well,  if you go with carp, so that you do not spend cold, we recommend spring or summer.  Unless, of course, you have a solid and suitable winter gear. Any fan out there?

The place is also suitable for  hiking .  And if you love  trekking , you can go see waterfalls, cave paintings, and viewpoints that will take your breath away.  Check what you can do in the brochures you find  here .

Camping areas

 A main road (RP 71) surrounds the right bank of Lake Futalaufquen, the Green and finally Rivadavia.  From this route you can access different options for camping, there are for  all tastes. 

The  organized campsites have all the services  (showers, electricity, stove, supply, etc.). The  wild, on the other hand, offer more limited services  (showers at certain times, stove and sometimes supply). For the most daring there is the possibility of  free campings, which have nothing but a  stove , nothing else.  Personally this guy is my favorite, because it really allows you to contemplate the stillness of the place.

I did not go by car  and although I recommend doing it to those who travel as a family , according to my experience this is not indispensable. Another possibility, which today is very attractive, being already installed,  is to tour the places by  bicycle  .  The size and views in Los Alerces give you the possibility to go camping by camping .

I especially remember a wild one who had loose chickens running to their owners like they were dogs. I didn't write down the name, but the place was spectacular and I remember that there I ate the best  fried cakes  of my life, accompanied by mattes, looking at the landscape.  If you find him, will you let me know? I'm really looking forward to coming back. 

Interest Data

Los Alerces National Park has  three main accesses  : the  north  gate, from  El Bolsón  and Cholila, is entered by the area of Lake Rivadavia. The  plant , which comes along the RN 40 from  Esquel  or Trevelin, enters Lake Futalafuqen and Villa Futalaufquen. And the  south  with entrance to the Futaleufu hydroelectric complex, 26 km away from Trevelin. Entering through any of these accesses, you cross the entire park from north to south through the RP 71 (unpaved), which passes through the Rivadavia and Futalaufquen lakes before reaching Villa Futalaufquen, a small village where the local headquarters of  National Parks , along with several inns and businesses to compare groceries.


Consult the National Parks office about the location of the rugged camping areas and the enabled stoves. Return with the waste you generate in your campsite. I kept the environment as you found it when you arrived and leave no trace of your visit.

If you make fire make sure you have turned it off correctly before you leave.

If you  walk , before leaving, charge water and always carry at least 2 litres per person. Remember that there is no cell phone signal in most of the Park, don't trust that medium as a guarantee of safety. Walk with me, never go alone.

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