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Bustamante Bay: from Alghero Town to Tourist Paradise

Bahía Bustamante, in Chubut, is a small town that was catalogued as “the Argentine version of Galapagos” for its abundant and varied fauna.


180 kilometers north of Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut , on the northern bank of the Gulf San Jorge is located Bahia Bustamante. A small town with an interesting history and characterized by its dedication to the conservation of its surroundings. Its beaches have a unique beauty and its landscapes remain untouched and untouched. Daily activities and tranquility are just some of the things this spectacular destination offers.

Bustamante Bay is a Patagonian stay with village life. It is an ideal destination for exploring the region. Enjoy the petrified forest, sea, beach, lighthouses and beacons, and a sanctuary of marine fauna in quantity and diversity.

In this beautiful place one can meet nature in its fullness. It is not necessary to make great excursions to be able to enjoy the wonders that this destination has to offer.

The fauna

From its beaches you can observe penguins and sea lions. It should be noted that the coastal sector of Bustamante Bay and Caleta Malaspina is one of the most relevant for seabirds of Atlantic Patagonia. The islands and islets provide the right environment for seabirds for breeding. This is why specialists in birds come to Bustamante Bay to see especially the two endemic species that inhabit these coasts: the Orlog Gull (or Crab) and the Steam Duck, which has as its peculiarity not being able to fly.

A variety of steppe birds can also be seen. And the typical animals of this area: maras, choiques, guanacos, furry, skunk, martinetas and even foxes.

Few places in the world present this abundance and diversity of marine birds and mammals. For this reason, since 2008 its coasts are part of the “Patagonia Austral” Marine National Park.

The beaches

But the attractions are many and, for those who enjoy the beaches, Bahía Bustamante has beautiful fine sand resorts that are in turn protected from the wind by large rock formations. In addition, at low tide deep natural piletons are formed in the rock ideal for bathing during summer evenings.

This village has succeeded in imposing itself in the tourism media around the world. He even came to the prestigious New York Times, which attracted foreign tourists. There it is defined as “the Argentine version of Galapagos”, due to its abundant and varied fauna, including sheep and guanacos as well as penguins, sea lions and whales. “Few places in the world have such immense diversity in one place,” says the journalist.

Source: The Patagonian

Publication Date: 20/08/2019

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