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Between penguins by Punta Tombo

Punta Tombo Nature Reserve is the largest continental colony of Penguin de Magellan in the world. We go through it.

Entre pingüinos por Punta Tombo

The  Punta Tombo Provincial Nature Reserve is located in the province of Chubut and it was created in 1979. The Reserve area is the place chosen by penguins to make their nests and have their pigeons. It is a coastal strip three kilometers long by 600 meters wide.

Punta Tombo is an ideal place for lovers of animals and  nature , as it is possible to see penguins from very close, without affecting of course their natural habitat, because there are trails that must be respected by the visitors. The landscape of the place also favors to make it a memorable and unforgettable experience. The reserve is in the ideal setting: a stunning blue sea, which represents one of the most beautiful postcards on the Patagonian coast.

While there are  penguins  all year round, the best time to visit Punta Tombo is in the summer months, as it is the season when there are more specimens (it can have up to 400 thousand pinges).uuml; inos). From the arrival of spring they begin to reach the Chubutense coast to be able to mate and have their young, (they begin to be born from November), where they stay until mid-March.

The route inside the reserve consists of a trail of about 3500 meters along the beach, where it is possible to observe the penguins in their habitat, as well as see their nests dug into the ground. Families are usually under the bushes, but they are also to move a lot between the sea and the nests. It is a very nice experience to go with kids, the visitor will be able to observe the entertainers penguins that generate a feeling of tenderness in those people who arrive to enjoy this beautiful natural environment. Punta Tombo is also a visitor center where the guardafunas give talks about the behavior of penguins.

Keep in mind that it is forbidden to touch penguins or disturb them, as it is a reserve where it is precisely intended to preserve and conserve their habitat. They are helpless animals, however, in circumstances where they can be threatened they can defend themselves with their beak, which by the way is very sharp.

Dreamy Patagonian landscapes  and lovely animals, without a doubt a very good option when visiting the area of the province of Chubut.

How to get there?

Punta Tombo is 180 kilometres from Puerto Madryn and 130 from Trelew. It is accessed by RN 3 in the south direction. It is recommended to drive with caution within 35 km to Punta Tombo. We suggest Going out of destination with full tank. There is no public transport to get to the penguinera, but you can hire a qualified travel agency.

From 13 September the Punta Tombo reservation is open every day from 8: to 18:00 .  

 Important:  The reservation is closed from March to September. Access is tariffs.

Publication Date: 21/08/2020

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