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An app to know if the beach is full

Playa Union adapts to the “new normal” and prepares for the summer season.

Playa Unión

The “ new normality ” from the advance of the  coronavirus  posed to youoacute; to tourist destinations the challenge of reinvention to be able to provide their services next summer. With a desolate winter season due to traffic restrictions that hit the sector all over the country, localities are trying to make the months from December to March the most profitable.

 In Playa Unión, located a few kilometers from  Rawson , the capital of  Chubut , began to chart the next summer season living with the virus. It will be inaugurated on December 12 , with several novelties for the residents who attend, who will be the privileged ones who will be able to enjoy the spa villa, since at the moment it was not informed whether the inhabitants of neighboring towns will be able to attend. The authorities are working against the clock in order to be able to fully develop it before the indicated date.

First, it was reported that  the coast will be divided into plots of 100 meters . In addition, in order to be able to install,  you will first be able to check through an app which of them is available . In addition, 39 checkpoints will be set up, where nearly 90 people will be assigned to their tasks.

Thinking about the entertainment of holidayers, it was also announced that there will be three cultural points.

 Adapting to changes 

Summers in Playa Unión are more than bustling.   Popular festivities ,  craftsmen's walks, sports competitions, artistic shows, an impromptu rock that turned into a clion Sundays in January, bowls for young people to enjoy the evening, restaurants to go to dinner or have family lunch... all this will change this season 2020 - 2021.

First, that crowding of people separated by little space will no longer occur: for this, according to the Rawson Municipality, the use of an application will be implemented that will let neighbors know where they can be installed at the time of reaching the coast: being divided by plots, they will be in “traffic light” mode to be able to see their space availability: if it is green, it means that there is a lot of free flirting; if it is yellow, because of the space it is more limited and if it is in orange, it means that it is completed. “ Respect for the beach, people and plots “, promote as a premise the local authorities so that neighbors can enjoy the place trying to avoid the increase of infections.

Earlier this year, eight popular festivals were held in the seaside village that gathered thousands of people. 2021 will be the opposite but to compensate for the lack of events, an alternative was thought.  At the nerve points of Playa Unión there will be shows that will be performed with the prior planning of protocols .

In this sense, in the amphitheater it is intended to place chairs with distance and perform artistic events. The intention is to open it every day and perform more than one function per day with the aim of renewing the viewers and performing disinfections between them. The Malvinas Heroes Gym, located a few blocks from the amphitheater, will be set like a theater, with one performance per night. A drive-in cinema will also be available in the north of the town.

Undoubtedly the coronavirus broke all the schemes and tourism, one of the sectors most hit by traffic restriction begins to reinvent . Tourists, should also contribute their share and respect the sanitary recommendations, do not overpopulate the plots and, above all, take care of themselves so that during the summer cases in the province, that of the last in having cases of  Covid-19  on its territory and by the end of October is having its peak of contagions.

 We'll have to get used to it, and try to continue enjoying it. 

Publication Date: 08/11/2020

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