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A labyrinth of 9 exits is the boom of Patagonia

It is the largest labyrinth in South America and is in Argentinian Patagonia. A magical place to get lost... even if it's a little while.

Laberinto Patagonia-ppal

The  attraction  is located in the province of  Chubut  , more precisely in the valley of the River Epuyén in the town of El Hoyo, 15 kilometers from El Bolsón and 14 kilometers from Lake Puelo. A special tourist offer for those looking to have fun again like when they were  children . There's no better way to do it than to  lose yourself , even if it's a little while!

This place, to get lost and meet again and again, is nestled on a 5-hectare estate, surrounded by native forests and with fascinating views of the farms found in the faldeo of Cerro Pirque. Walking it is an extraordinary experience to enjoy with  family  or friends. Completely made of live fence, the labyrinth has 8000 square meters and, with 2200 meters of trail to travel, it has nine gates.

Labyrinth Patagonia

 Without Minotaur and with gourmet confectionery 

Those who need to replenish their strength to keep going through the labyrinth don't have to worry. With a pleasant view of the hills you will find the confectionery shop on site. In this warm environment we offer products made with the raw material they harvest and grow in the farm: cakes, cakes, muffins, alfajores, sandwiches,  natural juices , craft beers and much more.

Walnuts, chestnuts, pear trees, cherry trees, cherries and quinces are some of the varieties that grow around the labyrinth. These and many other species provide shelter, shade, fruits and an exquisite perfume to the place.

Labyrinth Patagonia

Labyrinth Patagonia

 Make a maze 

The Labyrinto  Patagonia  began to materialize on May 1, 1996. On that day, 2100  Cupressus macrocarpa (cypress  ) were planted for twenty-five uninterrupted days, who founded the labyrinth.

The technique by which they were planted was not simple. It involved equations of trigonometry, water and lime, tape measure, hundreds of stakes and a large ball of thread.  However, in the creative and design process of the labyrinth, personal motivations come together with all kinds of knowledge . Kabbalah, history, sacred geometry, mythology, philosophy and magic. He also had influences from the myth of the labyrinth of the ancient Tehuelches.

Labyrinth Patagonia

 Data of interest 

 1 - The myth of the labyrinth is not subscribed only to ancient Greece, or to Europe and Egypt. Here, in Argentinian Patagonia, the ancients also used this symbol.

 2 - Walking through a  labyrinth  activates the right part of our brain and therefore promotes intuition and creativity.

Publication Date: 10/03/2020

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By: Carlos Araujo 11 March, 2020

Estimada Laura: Muy interesante los textos y fotos que acompañan a esta presentación del Laberinto. Ignoraba lo relacionado con los Tehuelches, por lo que buscaré más información. Muchas gracias.

By: Laura Exposito 18 March, 2020

En respuesta a

Carlos gracias por participar y leernos. Ojalá hayas encontrado información interesante sobre el tema.

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