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2 places to do rafting in Patagonia

Corcovado and Manso are two ideal rivers for rafting in Patagonia. Beginner or expert, there is for every taste. Paddle!


If for those coincidences you want to do something different, there are two rivers that you can't miss. Of course, it's not only about contemplating them, but about rowking and skipping them. In other words, rafting in  Patagonia .

As if we are talking about two people, Corcovado and the Meek are two waterways in  Patagonia Argentina . Each with their own humor, personality and audience. The first is friendly to beginners, offering them safety and peace of mind in their journey. The second is faster and more abrupt. An open challenge for those looking for an adrenaline plus.

 Ideal for nautical baptisms 

 Corcovado  is 90 km from Esquel in Chubut Province. It is the birthplace of rafting in the Patagonian lakes region. Its rapids have, in some sections, a degree of difficulty III,  ideal for those who wish to perform their  baptism   in this wonderful activity. Just follow the instructions of the guide and perform the instructions indicated to travel safely along the river.

When you reach the bank of the Corcovado Alto River, experienced guides await the sailors with the prepared gomons.Before getting on the boat, a technical safety talk is made. Subsequently, the crew members receive life jackets and helmets for the  crossing . The whole tour on the Corcovado River is very safe and fun. However, it is not allowed for boys and girls under 5 years of age.

An extra bonus of the tour occurs during the month of November. In this month, the flow of the river is higher due to the thaw water coming from the mountain. So it is possible to dive and float in the pozones. A delight!


river rafting

 For those looking for adrenaline 

Rafting through  El Manso , on the other hand, is an excursion  for those who already have experience in the practice of this sport. It can be done in the months of October to March. The section that is sailing is the one that goes from “La Pasarela” — about 40 km from  Bariloche — to the border with Chile. The last stretch that the Manso river runs in Argentina has a high share of adrenaline.  The final tour is surrounded by a monumental landscape and runs between abrupt and dizzying rapids . A challenge!

 To keep in mind 

 1-  Bring swimsuit, wet slippers, t-shirt, fleece type diver, sunscreen, towel, change of clothes and shoes. It is also recommended, as far as possible, to know how to swim.

 2-  The excursions include guides and river equipment such as jacket, dry neoprene boots, lifesavers and helmet. Lunch is usually not included, although some excursions include a small snack for tourists.

 3-  To make the walk children will have to be older than 5 years. In addition, young people up to 12 must always be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Publication Date: 18/03/2020

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