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The Indian Pampa, Chaqueño?

We visited this provincial park in the province of Chaco protagonist of a unique horseback ride.

cabalgata de la fe chaco

About 220 kilometers from Resistencia, capital of the province of  Chaco  crossed by the RP4 is the  Pampa del Indio Provincial Natural Park . Created in 1978 but open to the public in 1996, it has almost 9000 hectares of extension. The more than 900 millimeters per year of rain makes that area shelters a wooded vegetation in which the white and red quebrachos next to the itines or carandás, carob trees, thorns crown, white guaibi and mistoles coexist giving it a unique framework worth knowing. Visitors will also be amazed on their tour with the wonderful combination of greens offered by thistles, camalotales in the areas of open, estuos and bathados.

flora natural park pampa del indio

All this wonderful plant environment coexists with a typical fauna of the subtropical regions. This is why it offers a feast for those who love animals and want to live different types of sighting. The variety of species is amazing. Among all that vergel are seen moor and gargantillo chanchos, foxes, guazunchos, anteaters, mulitas tatús, cougaras. Similarly for fans of ornithology, provided with clear vision binoculars are discovered among the foliage woodpeckers, cardinals, thrushes, magpies and talkative parrots. And on the ground to the martinetas red and copetona like partridges, among others. There is also an important presence of arthropods, reptiles and ofidia such as boas, yarara, viper of the cross and rattlesnake.

trails pampa del indio chaco

The tour is enjoyed by pedestrian and vehicular trails. All perfectly identified. The place also offers a rugged camping area of 10 hectares that combines with a sector with all services. Its mild winter climate, wooded landscapes, estuos with abundant birds, wildlife makes the Pampa del Indio Natural Park an ideal place to enjoy a  beautiful family holiday .

A unique horseback ride

Pampa del Indio is also the scene of one of the largest horseback pilgrimages in Argentina, the so-called  Cavalgata de la Fe . This event, which began with the opening of the Park in 1996, calls in July more than 5,000 riders from different Chaco localities and neighboring provinces. The meeting point is the village of Quitilipi and from there they march on a distance of 75 kilometers to the Reserve. There is a mass in Thanksgiving to the Blessed Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary (patron saint of the Chaco) and San Pantaleón (Patron of the Sick), and then give way to the popular festival that gathers 30,000 people.

parade of the faith chaco

Other Attractions

In Pampa Grande you can meet the  Caregivers Mothers , groups of mothers of the Qom ethnic group, from the area, dedicated to the rescue of stories, legends, games, customs and gastronomy of their ancestors. They collect herbs from the mountain and transform them into natural medicine for family use, make rag dolls, make woolen fabrics and make baskets with palm leaves.

In the area there are also rural establishments where activities are carried out accompanied by the country man and his family. Hikes through the chaco forest, horseback riding, car rides, caring for farm animals, land and fruit trees are some of the activities. Homemade meals are offered at the establishments and some of them are accommodated. Another option of accommodation is in the town of Pampa del Indio just 20 kilometres away.

Source: Chaco Tourism Institute

Publication Date: 01/12/2020

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