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The Impenetrable, new national park

The Impenetrable is one of the least explored places in the country. In El Chaco, the new park represents the largest reserve in northern Argentina.


Diverse nature, lush forests, ancient trees and mammals of exuberant beauty form the El Impenetrable National Park. The largest in northern Argentina, under the premise of preserving the Chaco forest and the diverse species of flora and fauna that inhabit it. National Parks protected its 130,000 hectares since the time before its creation, in 2017.

Then why should we know this place? During many years, the site was used as a sport hunting ground. Animals domestic, indiscriminate logging and hunting put their biodiversity in check and ecological sustainability. Provoking the extinction of many species and decrease in others, such as the yaguareté, anteater, tapir and eagle crowned, among others.

Entering the park of El Impenetrable means observing the life of the forest and the interaction between its inhabitants. In addition to information about the importance of its preservation, both for the species and for the health of the Planet.

El Impenetrable is located within the Gran Chacoecoregion, which also extends to the Northwest of Córdoba and in the countries of Bolivia and Paraguay. It is the third largest forest area in South America, after the Amazon and the Cerrado, in Brazil.

Boosting tourism the park is presented as a alternative to traditional economic activities in the area. An example is the replacement of livestock with the sustainable creation of products not wood. Mountain honey, carob flour and crafts in chaguar. Is it is very clear that preserving and producing is possible.

Its inhabitants

Native communities such as the Qom and Wichí in the Impenetrable still persist. For them, the conservation of nature is so inherent in their way of life that it is visible in some beliefs. For the Wichiworldview, each animal has its owner, who is a spirit that takes care of them and tells the shaman how much can be hunted without affecting their population.

In Miraflores there is a women's organization called N'tetaxanaxaqui (weaving), which produce different crafts with leaf of palm. For these communities, forest preservation is the source of life and work, as it has been since its inception.

The main helmet

The park is located within the territory of an old estancia, called La Fidelity. Its natural boundaries extend between the Teuco-Bermejo and Bermejito rivers, to the northeast and southwest respectively. The stay dates back to 1872, when the government jumps

Publication Date: 04/03/2020

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