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Isla Cerrito, from military headquarters to provincial reserve

Isla Cerrito, in Chaco, has a fundamental geopolitical location in the region: it went from a military bunker to a provincial reserve.

Isla Cerrito is one of the jewels of Chaco and is a natural extension of the provincial territory. This place has a privileged location and history reinforces it. Over the years, it has been chosen as a geographical and strategic position. There were several military missions installed in other times and was the capital of   Chaco   .

Its importance   geopolitics   has not changed, only today the main interest in Cerrito Island is tourism. The island is more than 50 kilometers from   Endurance   . Today it is one of the tourist squares that most people call throughout the year.

It is also known as Isla del Sol, for an earthly elevation that ends up forming a hill on the site. The palms of pindó, guavas and oranges dominate the top of that hill and accompany the chapel of the summit.

The presence of rivers is fundamental and it is what gives life   tourism   in Chaco. Isla Cerrito is a place of recreation and also of rest. For fishermen, this place is one of the right ones to be able to enter water in search of   a gold   .

  Unique natural characteristics  

Cerrito Island is a landscape that contrasts with   nature   of the region. The island has a high and rocky profile for its hill, something rare in this region of Paraná-Paraguay. Isla Cerrito is not the only one, it is surrounded by four others: Guáscara, Carpinchito, Brasilera and Mvorebí.

  Fishing and the Chaco culture  

The   sport fishing   is the most practiced activity on Cerrito Island, here are the main goldfish and surubies fishing tournaments. El dorado is a symbol of Chaco culture: every September, Chaco hosts the Fiesta del Dorado, an event organized intercalately with the province of   Corrientes   . Cerrito Island was discovered in 1528. He went from being a military bunker of the Triple Alliance War to a Reserve   Provincial   .

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