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Adventure in El Impenetrable National Park, first person

Chaco means in Guarani “hunting ground”. El Impenetrable National Park is, today, quite the opposite: a place where forest and
| 08 February, 2020 |

The Bermejo and Bermejito rivers form the natural boundaries of El Impenetrable National Park. They are an important part of the balance of the Chaco forests, but also for other ecosystems such as the Yungas forests in northern Argentina.

Currently , we are working on a sustainable tourism development model within the National Park but also in the periphery by associating local populations with the project and in particular the communities of indigenous peoples through the development of their culture and knowledge.


Meeting with the Qom and Wichí communities

After landing in Resistance and then take the road to the city of Juan José de Castelli, I joined the village of Fortin Lavalle on the outskirts of El Impenetrable National Park. The villa is inhabited by the Qom tribe. With several women gathered in the association Qomlashepi Onataxanaxaipi, I went to collect palm leaves that use in creation of handicrafts. Along the way, they shared, with me, a lot of medicinal knowledge about trees and plants.

After sleeping by the river, in the camp of Villa Bermejito, I visited the Wichi women of the Chitsaj association in the village Mission New Pompeii. They work with three types of palm (chawa in wichi) to make crafts. After cutting strips of “chawa” leaves, then dry them for about a week to have a dry fiber ready to be worked and colored using 100% natural dyes of plants and insects.


Very beautiful and enriching meetings that also contribute to the development of ecotourism in villages. And then the craftsmanship is of high quality, why not buy it?

The Rio Bermejito by kayak

I went the next day to the Paraje Nueva Población, a small village bordering the Park National The Impenetrable. The Orfacam village association runs a camp, a beekeeping site and kayaking on the river. The Nueva Población reserve is the only one where wichis and creoles are mixed.

The campsite is located a few meters from of Bermejito in a quiet and inspiring setting. Oh, I love it. After a delicious lunch prepared by Alina, cook at Finca Don Miguel in Juan José de Castelli, I go with my assistants in a kayak down the river. What a pleasure! get carried away by the weak current and watch the birds on the shore!

Impenetrable, you said impenetrable

It takes patience to discover the secrets of El Impenetrable National Park. Because as the name suggests it is impenetrable. Outside the rainy season, roads can be complicated. I tell it because we quickly experience it on the route main connecting Pa

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