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Saint Mary of Yokavil, archaeology and rural tourism

Santa María offers us all its cultural charm in the hands of its own inhabitants, its culture and its activities.
Santa María nos ofrece todo su encanto cultural
01 December, 2019

Santa María is the capital of the department with the same name, in Catamarca. It is also known as the Capital of the CalchaquíesValleys. Just 332 kilometers from San Fernando del Valle represents a different tourist destination, very local and with the magic of the valleys.

The mythical Route 40 offers a unique postcard when passing through Fuerte Quemado, defined by its inhabitants as a “charming village”. The most remarkable thing about this town is the cultural presentation, which initially impacts us with architecture. The facades of their homes mix adobe and stone baseboards, which generates a unique landscape over the entrance to the Calchaquíes Valleys. Religion is an important part of Catamarque culture,its churches express it not only in their buildings, but in every activity.

Different types of tourism

Ecotourism is present with tours through the valleys giving a different contact to the tourist with the nature of Santa Maria. Everything that is combined with stories and legends that power every inch of this sacred place.

Community Rural Tourism turns the inhabitants of Santa Maria de Yokavil into protagonists and companions of each visitor. Locals become administrators of their village and prepare each home to provide accommodation, typical meals and special activities. It’s a different experience, because whoever guides you is really steeped in their culture and can transmit it in a unique way.

The most carried out activities are trekking, horseback riding, historical tours, in addition to the classic religiouscircuits . At every step, almost without proposing, the visitor will find an unrepeatable cultural event and proposal. It’s a different exchange between man and nature than anywhere else.

Encourage yourself to live and build unforgettable memories in a sacred land, visit Santa María de Yokavil in Catamarca.

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