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The close relationship between man and earth

The Adobe Route, in Tinogasta (Catamarca), allows us to marvel at the beauty of this noble material.

From the beginning of time,  man  always had a very close bond with the  earth  . In  Tinogasta (Catamarca) , this millennial relationship is lived through a  material that is a fundamental part of its heritage:  adobe . Today it is possible to experience how important this  material  is for the inhabitants of the place through  the Adobe Route  , an increasingly busy sightseeing tour.
The  Adobe Route  is a journey of almost 50 kilometers that crosses towns older than 300 years old. In it, you can see houses, churches and buildings with a common tie -  adobe .
The route starts at the small  Tinogasta , in the  adobe Casa Grande hostel, located a few meters from the main square of the city. There,  adobe  walls begin to show the visitor how this noble material, properly worked, can be used to provide beauty and comfort at the same time.
From there, the road begins to other towns:  El Puesto, Santa Rosa, Anillaco, Saujil, Copacabana, Tatón, London, Bethlehem and Fiambalá  are some of them. Each of the constructions on the tour reflects incredible architectural styles with facades, ornaments and arches that fall in love with anyone who has the pleasure of being able to admire them.

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