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Catamarca and the doors to the universe

Catamarca — more precisely, Santa Maria — is exploiting a new tourist resource: astrotourism. We'll tell you what it's all
| 14 February, 2020 |

Santa María de Yokavil is one of the most attractive tourist spots in northern Argentina. It is located in Catam arcaand is known as the capital of the Calchaquíes Valleys. It is located almost 1900 meters above sea level and is lying on the emblematic Route 40. This town is constantly developing and has found a new tourist resource: astrotourism.

The Inclusive Observatory Quilla Punco is one of many proud of Catamarca and Santa María. It is a work of great value that allows you to develop astronomical activities. This is possible thanks to the geographical features of Santa Maria, offering a full sky for this task.

The open and clear sky gives the opportunity to learn how to identify and differentiate a planet from a star; search for constellations and define them clearly, such as the Scorpion or the Southern Cross. Astronomy has a direct connection with regional culture, since it links the mythology and knowledge of the native peoples of the region.

The place is visited by local students and also by tourists. This makes Quilla Punco a place of knowledge that represents our direct gateway to the universe. The complex has different sectors to have a different experience with the universe. The place has a themed square with designs showing the orbits and planets we know. It has an amphitheater with capacity for 100 seated people, a place where talks about the cosmos take place. The Planetarium is a space for the reproduction of films, videos and documentaries linked to space. It has viewpoints and a high-resolution, long-range telescope. It allows you to see all the planets in our solarsystem.

Everyone has access to the Universe

The place is designed and designed so that everyone has access to the space. This work of the Catamarque astrotourism is designed for people with different disabilities to live the experience to the full. It has ramps and games translated into Braille, which is why it has earned the name of Inclusive Observatory.

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