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Adam Quiroga Park, a pleasure in the open air

Adán Quiroga Park in Catamarca combines sports and leisure spaces, social and cultural activities, and even would have a Japanese corner.

Adán Quiroga Park was built a few blocks from the center of the capital city in 1959. It was an initiative of the Provincial Directorate of Forests with the aim of housing some native plants. In addition to adding catamarca flora, they also sought to add other specimens that managed to adapt well to  Catamarca soil. The main idea was to give him a green brush stroke north of the city.

It is a space where flora stands out. You can find tipes, lapachos, eucalyptus, causarines, jacaranda, among others. In addition, in the center you can enjoy a lake, which was a meeting place for youth for a long time.

Today Adam Quiroga Park is the right place for outdoor sports.  Catamarqueños  and tourists practice cycling, hiking, skating and other activities. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, you can enjoy a boat ride along Lake del Parque.This activity is from 9 in the morning to 19. The proposal is free and for the whole family.

 Sports or leisure activities 

Adán Quiroga Park is a space that summons people who just want to enjoy the outdoors and those who want to play sports. Its visitors highlight that duality of the park. We can meet a marathon runner training and with a couple taking mate in the shade of a tree.

Getting on a boat and crossing a rainbow can stay in anyone's memory forever. This is possible in Adán Quiroga Park if you sail in its lakes on a sunny day and with active water sources.

Gastronomic fairs with musical shows are also organised in the park, an extra attraction. To arrive, if we want to do it collectively, we can use the following lines: 105, 109, 108, 202, 204, among others.

The admirable green presentation of the park makes it an ideal place to hold small private events such as weddings or fifteen year old parties. An  atmosphere  that gives photos and unique memories to the protagonists.

 Participation and social care 

The Park administration usually calls on neighbors to talk about issues that improve the presence of Adán Quiroga Park. The project of a possible Japanese Garden put catamarqueans on alert. This would allocate a section of the reserve for a private purpose project. Neighbors have made presentations so that Adam Quiroga Park remains the public jewel of Catamarca. Something difficult, since the mayor would have signed the agreement with the Japanese.

Source:  Valle Calchaquí 

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