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Why a Ranchos getaway is worth it

Just over 100 kilometers from Capital Federal is Ranchos, a town with more than 2 centuries of history, which invites
Buenos Aires
| 09 April, 2020 |

The town of Ranchos is located at the intersection of provincial routes 20 and 29, northwest of the province of Buenos Aires. We tell you about five places you can’t miss, in that city.

The stay of “Negrete”

It is one of the oldest establishments in the country; founded in 1779, it is a true example of the original rural architecture . They passed through the place from Juan Manuel de Rosas and the Prince of Wales, before being crowned King George of England. They arrived captivated by the comforts of the stay, the sheep production and for having been the stage of the first polo match that was played in our country, in 1875. The building is framed in the typical plain landscape and there is fauna of the most diverse species.

Ranchos Fortin

The fort “Nuestra Señora del Pilar de los Ranchos” was built in 1781. The “Fort of Ranchos” was a fortified post that integrated the line of defense established to protect the defense of the settlements established on the southern border ordered by the authorities of the Viceroyalty of Rio de la Plata. Its establishment eventually gave birth to the current town of Ranchos. The policy of curbing the Araucans proposed by the Viceroy made it necessary to build a fort in the lagoon of Taqueño as the originals entered there to attack Monte and Chascomús. Its name derives from the number of abandoned ranches that existed in the place.


Historical Museum “Marta Inés Martínez”

In its rooms you will find objects from the origin of Ranchos and the Desert campaign. You can also observe weapons of the time and a collection of boleadoras stones. The house that houses it, with a roof of Marseilles tiles, dates back to the 19th century. In the room of the rooms of the region stand out the elements of tillage, pieces of wire fences, maces of the old wagons and the figure of an old foreman, the Gaucho Robledo. There is also a room where some of the works of Master Soguero Don Martín Gómez are exhibited.

Museo Histórico Ranchos

The village church

Towards the end of 1811 the history of this temple begins. At that time a neighbor asked the First Triumvirateto help rebuild the church that had burned down. He says in the order that you can sell a “yoke of mares” who walked loose in the village. He does it as a way to help the executive of that moment. In the face of the

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