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Where is Querandí Lighthouse?

A little-known place on the coast of the province of Buenos Aires, which struggles to preserve its origins intact.

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Faro Querandí is located in the southern part of the Villa Gesell , just 5 km from the town of Mar Azul. It is accessed by the beach, from Calle 47 of that town. The site is a Municipal Natural Reserve created with the aim of preserving the biodiversity and ecosystem of coastal dunes in their natural state, along with their flora and fauna, covering bathing and beach environments.

There are almost 6,000 hectares of dunes and grasslands that run 21 km of the Atlantic Coast . In addition, it has a particularity that makes it unique, its a width is variable in a range of plus minus 3 km.

For bird lovers, this is an ideal place to get to know the different coastal species of the province. Among them we can see with the naked eye the cook seagull that can reach 55 centimeters. It is clearly identified because its body is white with black back and wings and yellow beak. The seagulls that in summer their plumage is black at the top of the head up to under the eyes, like the upper back neck. The rest of the parts are white. The beak is red just like the legs. Also plovers and the oyster who is the only one who uses the beaches to lay their eggs camouflaged in the sand.

In the pastures, in the mornings, you can enjoy the singing of countless colourful birds. Among them, the Dominican Monjita who is in danger of extinction. This is white with black wings with the tips of the same color as the body. You can also see the bush frog feeding on insects in the humid areas of the lower interdunals.

If you walk carefully through the sand, you can identify the traces of gray foxes. The famous tucu-tucuis located in the dunes. If you take the walk in silence you will see your little head poking out of your cave to reach the tender shoots of the pastures.

On days of full sun you can see countless amounts of lizards of the dunes, declared a Natural Monument . You should look carefully because they are mimicked with sand, as they hide from snakes that are their food.

The Reserve has a category of multiple use, because activities that do not affect the natural environment are carried out, such as scientific research, the tourism and education, where it is also possible to carry out studies on ecosystem management and conservation.

Tucu Tucu in the dunes

Publication Date: 22/12/2019

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