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Unmatched dining options in Buenos Aires

Foods that exceed the soul by the tradition behind it, and produce a feast of flavors on the palate.

Without a doubt love is the primary ingredient of traditional recipes that are made in the Tourist Villages of the province of Buenos Aires. The small towns of Pipinas in Punta Indio, Villa Lía in San Antonio de Areco and Azcuénaga in San Andrés de Giles invite you to a path through the flavors and aromas that are part of their cultural heritage.

Meats with firewood aroma

At kilometer 155 of the RP 36, in the town of Pipinas, is  El   Carro de la 36  , a classic place for those who want to enjoy the traditional cooking of meat with firewood to the grill.

Its story began 35 years ago as a cart in the step, it became a restaurant offering a wide menu of dishes. These include a wide variety of sandwiches and a unique dish in the region a spicy rolled matambre that, according to its owners,  “doesn't look like anyone you've ever tasted.” 

After feeding in El Carrito we suggest visiting the Open Sky Museum and the so-called chimney trail, dedicated to the cement factory that started the village. Another attraction is the educational, scientific and technological circuit, linked to the Space Pole of Punta Indio and Tronador II, the space launcher project.

Pipinas is located 157 km from the City of Buenos Aires, in addition to the entry mentioned above it is accessed by RP 11, from where you can tour the city of Veronica, head of the Punta Indio party.

Artisanal meals with local products

Villa Lía is a lively rural farmhouse of immigrants that retains the typical spell of the 1930s, with its mansions and old buildings.

In the founding centre overlooking the main square is  Las Argibay , a restaurant that offers homemade meals made with local products. In winter or summer we suggest trying the lentil stew, neighbors assure that whoever tries it, always returns.

The secret, in addition to beef, are vegetables, salted and smoked bacons and red chorizo. All harvested and elaborated in Villa Lia. For those who prefer pasta the jackpot is the cannelloni prepared in earthen vessels. They are also worth trying fried meat empanadas and pork matambrito with pizza.

Villa Lía is located 131 kilometers from the city of Buenos Aires a perfect place to eat and relax. It is accessed by RN 8 until its intersection with RP 41 in the direction of Baradero, after 18 kilometers you reach the village.

Country delicacies

The town of Azcuénaga, in the municipality of  San Andrés de Giles , is a photograph of rural life in Buenos Aires. Chimeric groves, land streets, buildings of more than 100 years. A place where nothing happens, not even time. Between the end of the nineteenth and early twentieth century, they arrived at the old train station immigrants from different countries that left their trace in the customs of Azcuénaga.

The hamlet has long dining rooms where you can taste panzottis, cannelloni, gnocchi and homemade noodles, roasted meats and -for dessert- traditional cakes and fritters.

Another typical local fruit is the country biscuit with cheese and salame which, in the afternoon or midmorning, is always accompanied by a freshly prepared mate.

From the City of Buenos Aires you can reach the Panamerican Highway, Pilar branch, up to km 99.

The villages of the province of Buenos Aires are a bridge for relaxation, enjoyment of homemade food and meeting the warmth of its inhabitants waiting for tourists with hospitality and care of sanitary measures.

Source: PBA Tourism Press

Rating: 4.50/5.