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These Buenos Aires lagoons will take your heat away

The water mirrors of Villarino, Chascomús and Lobos are an irresistible proposal for those who delight in tranquility, outdoor roasts, fishing and family atmosphere.

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The landscape of the Buenos Aires lagoons is the ideal choice for exploring nature at any time of the year. During the summer, the possibility to dive into its waters or practice some water sports becomes a special attraction for hot days.

Sunsets and flamingos

“The tourist who visits us loves nature and exploration.” This is how Marcos Kunich, director of the municipality of Villarino, described those who arrive at the Chasicó Lagoon and Lake Parque La Salada to enjoy their stay. Chasicó is one of the largest lagoons in the province of Buenos Aires with an area of twelve thousand hectares, and is also one of the most important in pejerrey  fishing  , as reported from the commune. Sports fishermen from Rio Negro, Mendoza, Cordoba and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires arrive to this region in the south provincial region. The capture of parts can be done from a boat or from the coast.

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The spa of Chapalcó, located on the lagoon, is characterized by its soft declining beaches. “Families with young children also come because the lagoons are shallow,” Kunich explained. Photography enthusiasts seek to portray the fauna and the lake flora and also the sunset with its diverse range of colors. That chromatic postcard is on the way to the lagoon. It is a 35 km journey outside National Route 22, where are the salinas chicas that form the deepest depression in the province because they are 42 meters below sea level.

The sky mirrors over the salt and the sun is refracted in it, which makes it an unforgettable landscape. In addition, the sunsets of November and December have a hue between violaceous and pink in which flamingos merge. In 1999 this place, shared with Puán, was declared a Natural Reserve of Mixed Defined Objectives to protect more than 140 species of birds and mammals, and different endangered plant varieties such as calden. It's an adventure to know you through guided tours.

In addition, this tourist villa has all the services: cabins, rental houses, supplier, restaurant, public bathrooms and showers, stove, camping, medical room, police, lifeguard and park ranger.

The Lobos Lagoon

Both the party and the lagoon owe their name to the coypos or river lobes that inhabited this region. It was a precious area for the Pampas and Querandíes for its waters, clay clay for making vessels, fishing and leather provided by that animal. Over time it became the main tourist center of the municipality as the village of Villa Logüercio and the Bahía de los Lobos and Araucaria districts live from this activity. Adrenaline fans can enjoy windsurfing, kitesurfing and motor boating. You can also rent boats or kayaks, and fish carp, catfish and pejerreyes from the coast or by boat. Spending an afternoon in front of the lagoon is a recommended experience for anyone who loves the sounds of water, birds and enjoy getting lost in the sunsets. It is the perfect time that you can experience on the coast of this municipality of Buenos Aires.

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There, on long summer days there are bird watching, astrotourism, hiking, recreational activities and artisans and entrepreneurs fair. In addition, this destination has a wide range of accommodation: campsites, glamping sites and the historic El Pescador hotel, which was born in the fifties with the start of tourism in this area. Lobos lagoon is an area of great natural richness because it is a wetland of eight hundred hectares in which diverse plant and animal species coexist.

Between the urban and the natural

On the coast of Chascomús, bars with colorful lights near the lagoon make up a picturesque painting. In these establishments the food experience is appreciated with all the senses by the incredible views of the lake environment. The water mirror has an area of 3,044 hectares, two meters of average depth, is located in the Salado River Basin and is the largest in the Las Enchainadas system. It is one of the most chosen for swimming competitions, regattas and triathlons, for its winds and easy access. It is also a privileged place for kitesurfing, windsurfing, kayaking, swimming and fishing. In addition, those who want to sail can rent rowing boats.

The thirty kilometers of the ring road on the perimeter of the lagoon offer a unique route between bridges and viewpoints. Many choose to do the bike ride and others perform photographic safaris to capture birds and animals in their natural environment. The city has a wide range of accommodation from cottages, hotels, boutique hotels and campsites for your stay in Chascomus.

The lagoons of the province of Buenos Aires attract tourists all year round but in each season the landscape surprises with new colors and experiences.

Source Press TPBA Credit Photos Municipality of Villarino, Municipality of Lobos

Publication Date: 30/01/2021

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