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The Shed of the Skinny

For motorsport fans, there is a museum in Ramallo full of treasures of a great sport. We invite you to
Buenos Aires
Para los fanáticos del automovilismo
27 January, 2020

We all keep our little treasures. Patchwork of our lives, memories of other times, memories of the past. With all that, this man decided to set up a museum. Only he’s not just any man: he’s Juan María Traverso, the glory of Argentine motorsport. A little less than a year ago, Traverso opened “The Skinny’s Shard”.

What’s this about? In his fifth in Ramallo, province of Buenos Aires, Juan María Traversocreated this space dedicated to his trajectory. The museum has objects of great value, through which the public can explore the more than three decades of history of the multi-champion in the motorsport. Traverso won 16 national titles (7 TC 2000, 6 TC and 3 Top Race) and is the most awarded on track in Argentina.

In the museum there are hundreds of trophies, photos, magazine clippings, souvenirs. And the best: 16 cars ,many of which are the ones you used to get your titles. Cars like the first and last Torino who drove in TC, the Mercedes-Benz Top Race champion and the Peugeot with which he was consecrated at the TC2000.

“ The Skinny’s shed” is a four-block building and is open to the public. To go, you need to register on Facebook, where available dates are posted and groups of 50 people are assembled. The value of the entrance is 300 pesos and the proceeds are donated to a local health center. And the yapa: in all the visits there is Juan María Traverso, who takes the opportunity to share a moment with the fans.

A must-see date for motorsport fans.

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