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The Paraná Delta Nature Reserve

A place that invites you to enjoy the sounds of the river and explore the labyrinthine streams surrounded by jungle vegetation.

The Paraná Delta Biosphere Reserve, located in the municipality of San Fernando, has a great ecological wealth that catches nature fans and arouses the interest of tourists who venture to live new experiences. This place invites you to enjoy the sounds of the river and explore the labyrinthine streams surrounded by jungle vegetation. An ideal destination to make a getaway when you can travel again.

It is located in the northeast of the province of Buenos Aires, at the southeastern end of the Great Delta that forms the Paraná River at its mouth over the Rio de la Plata, an area known as Bajo Delta del Paraná. It is just 50 kilometers from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

In 2000, UNESCO declared it a Biosphere Reserve for its natural and social characteristics. This declaration seeks to reconcile the conservation and use of natural resources.

It has an area of almost 89 thousand hectares divided into different areas. The core zone, with more than 10 thousand, is intended for the preservation of wild plants and animals. While other sectors allow the development of activities in harmony with the environment, including ecotourism.

The tourist will be very excited to see so much nature together. It is clearly a perfect place to spend the day and even stay a whole weekend.

Typical noises of urbanity are almost non-existent. Maybe you can hear in the distance the murmur of a motorboat's motor. The sounds of birds and wind abound here.

The activities of the island landscape have the river as its protagonist. One of the proposals suggested by the park ranger is to explore, on the boat of some vaquean, the streams semi-covered by lush vegetation. Tourist accommodation also offers guided tours of the island's canals.

Bird watching, local wildlife and photo safaris are also available throughout the year. In spring the butterflies offer a must-see show, almost dreamlike.

Sport fishing is another activity in this region of the Delta. El dorado, pejerrey, surubí, vogue and patí are typical fish from the waters of Paraná de las Palmas and Paraná Guazú.

On booking visitors can stay in inns, campsites or homestays that provide a wide and varied range of services.

One of the recommended experiences is to stay in a five-metre dome, with the transparent roof to contemplate the darkness of the night sky.

 A natural beauty 

The Delta del Paraná Biosphere Reserve is an extensive wetland conditioned by fresh water tides. The Delta is governed by the water that causes the flood of the earth. There are more than a thousand species of plants, including native and exotic. Medicinal, edible and aquatic are distinguished.

The jungle in gallery stands out among the vegetation of the area. It is of missionary origin and is characterized by the stratification of plants.

Visitors will be able to observe specimens of riverine fauna such as the heron mora, the capincho and the otter, among others. The deer of the swamps inhabits these island lands. It is an endangered species and for its preservation it was declared “Natural Monument” of the province of Buenos Aires.

On the other hand, the Delta continues to grow. There is a dynamic of island formation towards the estuary of the Rio de la Plata. These new islets are born from the sediments that arrive from the Bermejo River.

The Paraná Delta is one of the gems of the great diversity of Buenos Aires's natural heritage that awaits curious visitors and nature lovers when we can travel again.

Credit photos: Municipality of San Fernando

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