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The Bosco

The place is small and well cozy. With itinerant paintings samples, wines to discover, and a rich craft beer.

Buenos Aires

Located in the heart of the La Calabria district of San Isidro, this  modern still life,  cared for by its own owner is difficult to know if you're not from Shanishidro - shory, gaaardo.

If you go at night, Ito, the young and chetite owner of the place will surely receive you; how could it be otherwise. Ito is smiling, good vibes, and the best thing: he doesn't lie to you. Which tells you it's good, ask very quiet.

The place is  small and well cozy . With itinerant paintings samples,  wines to discover , and a rich craft beer. On the second floor you will be very quiet, if that's what you are looking for; away from seeing - be seen characteristic of northern zone.

The letter is short but forceful, varied, very well balanced and changing to the right extent. Of course, it has its must, like the  Prawn Montadito ,  Bondiola ,  fish in any form, and the famous  Goulash with Spaetzle .

But the dish that Ito is ufanated from is the powerful  Gnocchi Soufflé . And with just reason. Exquisite. So much, I took the job of asking her for the prescription. And Ito, who is a copado, passed it to us (knowing that the secret, is more in the hand of the cook).

And by the way: prices always remained more than reasonable.

“Very rich everything; very thin the carpet”, as the black Vernacci paraphrased.

 Bosco is located at 361 Don Bosco Street, San Isidro. 

 The Gnocchi Soufflé del Bosco: 

- Make a bechamel sauce, seasoned.

- Remove it from the fire. Add 800 gr of cream cheese and 400 gr of fresh. Revolver.

- Add 16 egg yolks, one to one, stirring.

- Beat the white of the 16 eggs to snow. Add it with surround motion.

- Mold and oven at 180 degrees, for 25 minutes.

- It is recommended to serve with mushroom sauce.

Publication Date: 12/05/2018

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