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The 3 most deserted beaches in Buenos Aires

In summer, the Atlantic Coast explodes. If you're one of those who don't like to pile up, we'll tell you what are the three most deserted beaches in Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires

Summer is coming and we all want to flee the city. Run to a little bit of sand, let the waveswet our feet. But, when we reach the chosen destination , we realize that the city moved there, but in Bermuda version. If you don't want to go where everyone goes, we will give you some options of deserted beaches on the Atlantic Coast of Buenos Aires to get to know on your next holiday.

1. Los Angeles

In a province that always looked into the countryside, in this village there is an unusual fusion: the countryside and the seaare mixed. Cows and horses walk through the dunes, in an unconceived scenario for the gaucho of the pampas. The population of Los Angeles is minimal: it has only 20 permanent residents out of season.

The village is 30 kilometers south of Necochea and is accessed by a road of land, which is impassable with rain. There's a doctor they call “the locutory”: is the only place where you can get the little telephone signal that gets there. Yes, yes. You need supplies, Del Vasco grocery store the place. The only place.

A place to disconnect seriously, with a sea full of blue and deserted and unexplored beaches .

Los Angeles Necochea

2. La Chiquita

In the Partido de Villarino, at the entrance to Patagonia, is La Chiquita: the loneliestbeach of Buenos Aires. There should only be anyone who is willing to actually disconnect. Everything. The telephony and Internet signal is virtually non-existent, drinking water is scarce and electricity is only available a few hours at night at the campsite which is meters from the sea.

While there is a warehouse with to stock up on the indispensable, it is recommended to carry a food supply. However, the beach justifies the shortage: it has a unique charm, because the human presence has not yet changed the natural environment.

La-chiquita playa

3. Little Pots

In the Patagonian Party there is this little hidden oasis, which only those who know have received the suggestion from word of mouth. The beaches are deserted and almost Caribbean, with turquoise waters that wet a white calcareous sandy beach. But in Pocitos there is also another treasure: oysters . They say that there grow the best of the Argentine coast.

There are warehouses to buy supplies and a lodging. The residents of the place are only 40, who walk through the streets carpeted with remnants of seashells.


Publication Date: 05/01/2020

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