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The 10 Best Beaches in Argentina

The coast of our country offers options for every taste. From north to south, here we leave you the 10 best beaches in Argentina.

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Although our beaches are not characterized by warm waters, our coast offers options for all tastes. From north to south, here we leave you the 10 best beaches in Argentina.

1. Pinamar (Buenos Aires)

It is one of the main resorts of the Buenos Aires coast. It has an extensive recreational offer, concentrated in numerous restaurants, bars, shopping tours and shows. Its beaches, with large waves, extend for approximately 30 kilometers. They are very well used by surf and kitesurfing lovers. Along the beach, many resorts and spas are famous, allowing you to enjoy a wide variety of services in front of the sea.

2. Carilo (Buenos Aires)

This small and exclusive spa is known for its beautiful landscapes of forests and dunes. It has a coastal edge of approximately 3 kilometers, where constructions in noble materials and elegant hotels extend.

3. Villa Gesell (Buenos Aires)

This town is known for having some of the most popular beaches in the country, with its sands stretching for 60 kilometres and its waters allow water sports. In its surroundings you can enjoy various excursions. The most common are towards the Querandí Faro (second highest in Argentina) and towards the Querandí Faro Dunícola Reserve, guardian of ecosystems of forests and coastal dunes.

4. Mar de las Pampas (Buenos Aires)

Exclusive spa near Villa Gesell, famous for its beautiful beaches, immersed in natural dunes and eucalyptus forests. With wide sands, its beaches are particularly lonely compared to other spas in the province. Complement the tourist infrastructure of the place some seaside spas and lodge complexes.

5. Mar del Plata (Buenos Aires)

It is the most traditional seaside town in the country, with the busiest beaches in Argentina. It has an inexhaustible recreational offer, with numerous places to eat and rent sports equipment. Along its coast you can find different types of beaches, from the most popular and popular beaches such as Playa Bristol and Playa Varese, to more exclusive sites located in the south of the city, such as the Abracadabra or Arena Beach.

6. Necochea and Quequen (Buenos Aires)

These two small towns separated by the Quequén Grande River undoubtedly have some of the best beaches in Argentina. They are characterized by their wide sands, waters with privileged waves for surfing and medanes environments where to make excursions in 4×4 vehicles.

7. Claromeco (Buenos Aires)

It is the most important spa in the district of Tres Arroyos. It is known for its 100 kilometers of beaches surrounded by large dunes, with golden sands and waters that stand out for gentle waves. Claromecó also has the appeal of its beautiful natural environments. For example, Paseo del Arroyo with its seven waterfalls. It is a 5 km downstream journey, can be done in kayak boats or canoes departing from Puerto Mosquito.

8. Monte Hermoso (Buenos Aires)

Its beaches that stand out for their beauty. Its crystal clear waters and fine sands, with huge dunes, allow the practice of sandboarding. It also has privileged corners to contemplate the sunset. Nearby is the Pehuen-Có Natural Reserve, a paleontological park with fossilized footprints of prehistoric animals.

9. Spa Las Grutas (Rio Negro)

Famous beach in Patagonia. It is known for its warm waters, with temperatures reaching 25 °C, and its vast golden sands bordered by large cliffs. Between these, grottoes of different sizes have formed, which can reach heights from three to four meters.

10. Puerto Madryn (Chubut)

It is one of the most famous destinations in Argentina and has some of its best beaches. It is known for being the gateway to the Valdes Peninsula, a natural sanctuary of marine species declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. It also houses some of the best dive spots in the country, and its beaches stand out for their tranquility and transparency.


Publication Date: 18/11/2020

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By: Raúl 02 February, 2020

Como no van a estar las playas de Colón Entre Ríos!!!! son un sueño.....y la tranquilidad y seguridad que hay ahí, no lo hay en todas éstas

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