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Tandil: a perfect combination in the mountains of Buenos Aires

The province of Buenos Aires is one of the favorite destinations for sightseeing in Argentina. In this note we tell you why you have to know Tandil.

Within one of the two mountain systems of Buenos Aires,  Tandil  stands as a significant tourist center due to the particularity of each of its hills, the enormity of the plain that surrounds it. The options are for all tastes, religious tourism, historical and one of the best gastronomic options of that region of the province. Its varieties of cheeses and chacinados, transcend the borders of Argentina.

In 1912, for reasons unknown, its  main attraction , the Movediza Stone, crumbled from the top of the hill, which today bears that name. Being the symbol of the city in 2007, a replica was placed, albeit fixed, on the spot. In the meantime, different governments worked on the development of tourism in numerous attractions inside and outside the urban area.

The town of Tandil is approximately 350 kilometres south of Buenos Aires City. Its position is strategic because provincial routes 30, 228 and 74 converge there, making it a perfect proposal for long weekends or holidays.

The attractions of Tandil

The  Cerro Movediza , about three kilometers from the center, is preserved as a classic for tourists who will not only be portrayed next to the artificial stone that crowns it, but also to see the remains of the real 300 ton rock that, in three pieces, sleeps at the foot of prominence.

Another elevation is the  Sentinel , about four kilometers from the historic center of Tandil, on top an upright stone, which vigilante, patrols the valley. This is smaller than the previous one and is a picturesque attraction. To this hill, less than 300 meters high, you can climb a path of low difficulty. The walk is very beautiful as it is done by a place surrounded by fresh and shrubby vegetation. For those with mobility problems an aerosilla that flies over 1260 meters over pine forests, old mining quarries and lower elevations. Next to the summit a ravine allows the practice of rappelling. And for companions the place offers gastronomic spaces with exquisite regional dishes.

 Monte Calvario  is an elevation that is practically found in the city and its attractions converge nature and faith. On one of its slopes are represented the 14 stations of the Via Crucis. Beautiful sculptural groups are shown among eucalyptus, pine trees and olive trees. The crossing is completed at the foot of a cross about 15 meters high. On another side there is a  replica  of the Grotto de Lourdes, another of the most popular points of religious tourism, with more than 50 thousand pilgrims in Holy Week.

For those looking for nature, Tandil offers a Full Day in the Picapedrero Valley. A tour through hills and valleys visiting areas that treasure the  cultural heritage  of the stonewers of the beginning of the last century. Workers who settled where granitic rocks emerged with which cobblestones were made.

The  circuit  visits the hills of El Águila, Los Corrales and La Aurora to observe the remains of these men, mostly Spanish and Italian immigrants, who built houses, brocales, roads and bridges in the region.

It is a ride that can be done by vehicle,  mountain bike  or  walking  . Roping  activities  such as climbing, rappelling and zip-lining are also available. For lovers of regional fauna, the place offers exquisite views of hares, lizards, storks, hawks and guanacos.

In the same way you can make the  Paseo de los Pioneros,  on  Cerro El Mate  , which starts from the municipal campsite and along a little more than three kilometers passes an unmatched natural environment. The great views of the surrounding landscapes of the city will forever be carried on the retina.

However, to have a great view of the town, the perfect thing is to climb the  Mirador hill  in the city. From a height of almost 300 meters the view is unique. In the place a Moorish castle serves as a restaurant.

Tandil is one of the most famous cities in our country for its cheeses and chacinados. The Local Tourism Directorate set up  the Salame and Cheese Circuit . This tour involves houses selling regional products, which offer varieties of salames and local cheeses, each with its own added value and that favors the identity of the Circuit, where tastings can be made.

In cultural history, the offer is wide, with buildings such as the  Municipal Palace,  the  Fine Arts and Traditionalist museums.   Also Cheese Eposta, an old cart station, in the only corner without ochava in Tandil; the  Railway Station  ; the  Sarmiento Patio  and the  Theatre of the Railway Confraternidad,  among many other things.

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