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Sierra de los Padres: 7 places not to be missed

If you are in Mar del Plata (Buenos Aires), you can not miss a getaway to Sierra de los Padres. Do you know what to visit there?

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Sometimes it's enough to move a little bit to find great wonders. If you live in Mar del Plata (Buenos Aires), or are there for a visit, you can not miss a getaway to Sierra de los Padres, a place that offers a very different environment from that of the spa town.

Just 25 km from Mar del Plata, you will find this world of undulating fields, mountain ranges, valleys and a large variety of fauna. The Sierra de los Padres offers, from its top, a beautiful panoramic view of the region. But that's not the only thing you can do there. We leave you a list of places you can not miss in Sierra de los Padres.

1) Lagoon of the Fathers

The Laguna de los Padres is within a forest reserve in which different species abound: black-necked swans, partridges, mulitas, hares. Its crystal clear waters are ideal for boating and fishing. The surrounding forests invite the picnics in the shade of eucalyptus and cedars. In addition, you can perform activities with higher doses of adrenaline: baptism flights and paraglidingcourses, moonlightrides , rock climbing, trekking and 4x4 trips.

2) Cave of the Handkerchiefs

Under a huge stone ceiling, it is finds this natural grotto in which an image of the Virgin of Lujan. This place is known as the Cave of Scarves because, every time that people gather to pray, it is tradition that they tie a handkerchief there.

3) Peñón de Santillán

It is an imposing rock mole which is located within the residential neighborhood. Mushroom shaped, erects resisting the passing of years.

4) José Hernández Municipal Museum

Sierra de Los Padres keeps its history at the José Hernández Municipal Museum. It occupies the hull of the first stay in the area and there tells the local rural history. It was founded with the aim of developing cultural work aimed at maintaining the Argentine traditions, particularly in the province of Buenos Aires.

5) Educational and ecological farm

This is a walk for the most boys know how different domesticated species develop. There you will be distribute farm animals so that they can be observed with clarity. On the premises there is a recreation area with games for children, swimming pool, soccer field and tennis.

6) Zoo

The zoo is thought of as a center of rescue, reproduction and upbringing. It is the habitat in which more than 300 live animals, including peacocks, flamingos, lions and llamas.

7) Jesuit Reduction of the Pillar

It was created in 1746 as a center for Jesuit evangelization and settlement of indigenous people. It is bordered by Laguna de los Padres and has large groves. There it is possible

Publication Date: 18/11/2019

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