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Sea and Peace

We present you options for this summer holiday on beaches where the rugged is part of the attraction.

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There are places in the province of Buenos Aires for lovers of the sea and tranquility, resorts with golden sand and immense sea. Where the bustle of the crowd takes to reach one's ears. Places where the complaint is only from the waves that resonate on the shore with their backs laden with foam. Places where you can walk along the edge of the beach and read what a border of crustaceans and algae leave when the wave is removed. If that is what you are looking for for your next summer vacation, discover these rugged beaches.

 Spa San Cayetano 

Sea and Peace

This resort is south of Necochea from the junction of RN 228 and RP 72, is easily accessed via a gravel road between dunes and bodies of water bordered by lush vegetation that, while containing the dunes, frames the beauty with which nature gives us its beauty.

This attractive place offers the comfort you need to enjoy a holiday in direct contact with nature: campsites equipped with every comfort (electricity, water, toilets, grills, dining rooms, restaurants). No more than 100 properties form the spa of San Cayetano with a very modern construction and excellent planting of trees and plants in the streets and open spaces. The beaches are wide and are a great attraction for tourists who visit them, especially for their tranquility for family holidays.

 Claromecó, Reta and Orense 

Wide and optimal for fishing, the beaches of the party of Tres Arroyos are wild paradises of medanes that are chained between the greens of the forest. Here the sun delays in its way longer than on other coasts, the shade takes to arrive and the holidayers can extend their stay in front of the sea to appreciate the sunset. All three are accessed from  Necochea  or Bahía Blanca by RP 72 to the south or north respectively.

 Marisol Spa 

It is a quiet, small and ideal villa to get away from everyday problems, as close to the river Quequén Salado as the sea. The mouth of that river brings its fresh and sea waters together, creating a habitat conducive to varied fishing.

It is part of the match of Coronel Dorrego, born as an alternative for the advance of the dunes over the Oriente spa. It is a recommended place for camping, water sports or adventure, such as hiking, mountain biking and 4x4. An important fact is that the spa has all the basic services to receive it. Another shocking fact that little is given on the coast of Buenos Aires is the possibility of contemplating the birth and death of the sun on the sea.


Sea and Peace

Tourist villa located in Coronel Rosales, very close to Bahía Blanca; it has a spa surrounded by greenery. Its name comes from the mapuche “pehuén” meaning araucaria and “có” in reference to the sea. The forest by the sea is the guardian of traces of megafauna extinct 12,000 years ago and fossils once discovered by Darwin.

Source: PBA Tourism Press

Publication Date: 31/10/2020

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