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San Vicente, an ideal getaway

San Vicente, in the province of Buenos Aires, is an ideal destination for day getaways. With colonial air, it has
Buenos Aires
| 15 February, 2020 |

Stories of grasslands, the grieving facades of the old buildings of the city emanate a strange beauty. The party has some towns and stories that deserve to be known, these are some:

Chapel of Saint Clare of Assisi

Located in Domselaar, a small town just 70 kilometers southwest of the City of Buenos Aires. A calm place that combines streets with asphalt and other dirt. The temple, opposite the main square, is a single nave with a central bell tower. The project was carried out by the Swedish architect Carlos Kihlberg. This European had the honor of performing the former cede of the Directorate of Postal and Telegraph . Which then, with some modifications, became the government house.

Directorate of Post and Telegraph.

Returning to the church, everything begins with the parcelling for the sale of those lands of the party of San Vicente. In 1875 it was sinful to sell lots in a village that did not have a place to go to mass on Sundays. Therefore, the company in charge of the finials destination a lot in front of the Plaza de la Concordia. For its construction, a mortgage was requested that was not canceled . Therefore, the lender decided to finish the temple. For those miracles of El Señor who acquired it, donated it to the people and today it is a Provincial Historical Monument.

Chapel of Saint Clare of Assisi.

Castle Warrior of Domselaar

It is a place full of history characterized by its imposing 19th century French style . With mansard ceilings, columns, a basement in height, attic in the ceiling and 24 rooms of large size, mostly preserved thanks to the permanent renovation. There are exhibits related objects Felicitas Guerrero, a woman of high society, who owns one of the greatest fortunes in the country at its time. There are also English floors in perfect condition, an air staircase, the library, a large furniture from 1700, an armchair from 1800 of the old Colon theater, copper pots from over 140 years old, engravings by Giovanni Piranesi, English chairs from the 18th century and a dining room with the table served with a set of English slab used by the Guerrero, all keeping the elegance and luxury of that time. You can take a guided historical tour of the place, where a colonial room with Felicitas clothes stands out, the posthumous portrait since one of her was not obtained in life, and even the thimble she used.

Quinta Historical Museum “October 17”

The housing complex, declared of National Tourist Interest, consists of the main house. Perón bought the property in 1946 from Colonel Domingo Mercante and frequented it until 1955. The villa exhibits personal belongings of the former president and his wife. Later, one of the presidential trains and three Carrara marble sculptures requested by the former president in 1953 from the Italian sculptor Leone Tommasi, who were rescued from the Riachuelo in 1992. The 19-hectare park gathers more than 80 species of trees, many planted by the marriage. A building opened in 2002 brings together the exhibition on government management from 1945 to 1955.

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