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Region of the Sierras de la Ventana, everything to know

A place you have to know in this new normal because you will enjoy it in full.

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The Tourist Region of Sierra de la Ventana is located in the southwest of the Province of Buenos Aires, all the localities belong to the  Tornquist party. They are, in addition to the head of the party, Saldungaray, Sierra de la Ventana, Villa Ventana and Villa Serrana La Gruta.


The place is ideal for this new normal where tourists are looking for activities to develop outdoors and in full contact with nature. The region offers ecotourism, fly fishing for rainbow trout, hiking, ascents to Cerro Ventana and Tres Picos, climbing, horseback riding through the mountains, among many other things. Those who wish can play golf, visit the casino, the Nuestra Señora de Fatima Sanctuary, the Mirador del Casuhati and toned up enjoying a tea with exquisite masses.


In this dream place is the Sierras Grandes Reserve, a place of 2700 hectares that treasures natural piletons and caves with 6000 year old cave paintings. In this environment there are about 250 species of grasses, 40 varieties of ferns and some cactus, along with guanacos, pumas, wild cats, skunks, vizcachas, reptiles, lizards, amphibians, fish, insects, butterflies and 120 varieties of birds. Fifty species of animals, which are found there, depend on that ecosystem so as not to disappear. The copper iguana, a provincial natural monument, the serrana snake, several snakes and the sapito de las sierras, are some of them.

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The reserve is located El Establishment Rural Sierras Grandes that breeding livestock for consumption with a rational and sustainable use of natural pastures. In this way the biome remains as natural as possible. This work, more arduous, produces export meats with unique flavors.

What to do in Reserva Sierra Grandes

The Reserve has seven circuits to travel, from low difficulty hikes to climbing. All are done with guides enabled to care for the visitor and protect the environment.

adventure tourism in buenos aires

The  Escondida Waterfall  is completed in almost four hours of medium-difficulty hike, going back the bed of a stream until you reach a waterfall with natural pools. On the other hand, the exit to the  Florencio Cave , of medium difficulty, starts aboard 4x4 vans and continues on foot to an archaeological site.


The  Piletón Grande and the Stone Recinto  is a two-hour tour, also bordering a stream. At the end of the trip you can see the mountain folding and a natural pool. Meanwhile the  Paredes Rosas  is a medium effort walk along the banks of the San Bernardo stream, which goes into a canadón of pink walls. Here you can find caves with traces of rock art from the communities that inhabited this area more than 6000 years ago.

adventure tourism in buenos aires

The Cascada Grande  trail is an eight-hour hike that runs through a cañadón to the very nascent of the San Bernardo stream, where there are waterfalls of up to six meters.


Also the  Cerro Vacuá  circuit implies a good physical condition and is summit at 980 meters above sea level. From that place you get the best views of the hill Tres Picos. The last is  Cerro de la Carpa  lasts about ten hours and culminates in a summit of 1060 meters above sea level.

Publication Date: 05/03/2021

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