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Mercedes, with the aroma of field biscuit and wood oven

The village of Tomás Jofré in the municipality of Mercedes, will celebrate this Sunday the 4th Festival of the Campo Cookie, an emblem of rural life.

Buenos Aires
Tomás Jofré

The town of Tomás Jofré in the municipality of Mercedes , Province of Buenos Aires will celebrate this Sunday 4th of August the 4th Festival of the Campo Biscuit , an emblem of rural life.

“ We had to make a bread that lasted longer than ordinary bread. At the time of our grandparents, they were delivered in the countryside and they did not leave every day, they left once or twice a week and the country people - who were a lot - needed a bread that would last and that's how they invented the field biscuit,” said Adrián Manazzi, owner of the family bakery “La Herriga de Oro”, which makes products with a wood oven and is located in street 12 between 39 and 41 of the city Mercedina.

Manazzi, “lifelong baker”, this is how it is defined, threw this idea that circulates in the imaginary that the biscuit is made in the countryside, in reality it was “made in the city and distributed in the countryside”.

This man representing the third generation of his family in the bakery was the winner of the contest that awarded the best biscuit during the first and third editions of the party while in the second he joined the jury. Asked about the characteristics that are evaluated listed: “the texture, the crumb, the color, the form in which it is open- has to be opened in the oven, because it is a flat dough and of course the taste”. In so far indicated that the more airy the dough the longer it lasts.

He also reported that for this festival will participate 7 bakers, who will carry their baked bread made in a wood oven, essential to make this cookie.

During the party you will also be able to enjoy other typical products of Mercedes such as salame, in addition there will be beer yard, artisans, live shows and the best products with traditional local production. Admission is free and free and this year will have a parking of 2 hectares due to the flow of attendees that there were in 2018.

Mercedes lives the party with great expectation, and Adrian too, as he tests his love for this trade: “While they say that the baker's life is sacrificed, it is true but I do it with passion and try to pass it on to my family and employees”.

Publication Date: 01/08/2019

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