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In the shade of the resorts

We have 3 towns for you to visit if you are going to Tres Arroyos, Mar del Plata and Tandil, unique and charming places.

Buenos Aires
Pueblos turísticos de Buenos aires

On cool beach or cloudy days in the mountains, the Buenos Aires villages are an interesting alternative to discover architectural gems, charming landscapes and gastronomic delights a few kilometers from the urban centers. The small towns of Copetonas, San Agustín and Barker, close to Tres Arroyos, Mar del Plata and Tandil, respectively, are a different option to explore new attractions and experience the tranquility of a country day.

Between the river and the sea

Copetonas is a tourist village located 60 kilometers from Tres Arroyos, the head town of the same name, and just 25 kilometers from the spa village of Reta. It has outstanding attractions due to its proximity to the Quequén Salado River and also to the sea.


The farm-livestock town founded in 1912, after the arrival of the Ferrocarril del Sud with the Ourense-Copetonas branch, owes its name to the copetona martineta, a bird typical of this area that is characterized by mimicling with the landscape through its plumage. From here you can visit different places that are located on the river, such as the Cifuentes Waterfall, Cueva del Tigre and the former power, perfect places to spend the day and connect with nature.


Cupetonas also invites you to taste cakes, puddings, homemade alfajores and exquisite Danish masses, among other local products. In addition, in this destination, home to the Fiesta del Mate and the Torta Frita, you can buy handicrafts such as knives and fabrics.

The Serranía and its Lomadas

Tourist villages of Buenos aires

Barker, located in the match of Benito Juárez, is a town that is characterized by gentle hills. It is located almost 60 kilometers from Tandil and is surrounded by the low mountain ranges of the Tandilia system. The old and tall trees form an arch that covers its streets with shade and freshness and the wide raspberry plantations fill the landscape with aromas and colors. It is an ideal area for cycling, horseback riding, hiking and other adventure tourism activities.

Beach and countryside

Tourist villages of Buenos aires

The town of San Agustín, located in the Balcarce party on Provincial Route 88, was born in 1892 with the location of the railway station and still retains buildings of the early twentieth century. In 1936 the architect Francisco Salamone designed and erected the municipal delegation in neocolonial style, whose entrance portal attracts the attention of those who visit it due to the asymmetry on the facade, side columns, decorative moldings and iron bars. This building was declared as a Property of National Historical and Artistic Interest and of Municipal Artistic-Architectural Value. The train station and the Idoyaga Molina Park, a large municipal reserve with different tree species and a stream that forms a natural spa, are other of its main attractions.


Three must-see destinations that combine cultural attractions with the particularities of the different natural environments of the province of Buenos Aires.



Press Source TPBA - PHOTO CREDIT: Barker: Municipality of Benito Juárez. San Agustín: Municipality of Balcarce. Cover: Municipality of Tres Arroyos.


Publication Date: 02/04/2021

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