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In La Feliz, it's time for salmon and precious lemon fish

Parts of large size and in a lot of quantity on an onboard fishing trip. It is to take advantage and, above all, enjoy a nice day.

One of the best seasons of  fishing  in recent years is taking place in Mar del Plata, both mid-height and high. Today we are fishing very well salmon and the precious lemon fish. Many fishermen visit the happy to enjoy this exciting fishing, in which we can get salmon reaching 25 kilos and lemons over 6 kilos, a unique and exciting fishing.
Fishing on a boat with very different techniques: spinning, jigging, trolling with artificial and live bait. Each year these migratory species have been added in unusual quantities and normally last longer each year, it is known that the pioneers when entering are the largest size and need to feed to regain their weight, since migration is from Brazil and takes several days, weeks without feed, until they reach a safe place for predators such as marplatense waters, which choose year after year as a safe place of procreation, and then return to their place of origin to culminate in spawning.

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