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4 restaurants to eat the best pasta

The ones that mom or grandmother does not have a point of comparison, we already know, but today we give them a break and take them to enjoy in one of these restaurants.

Buenos Aires
restaurantes para comer pastas en buenos aires

Some say that summer is not the best season to enjoy a good pasta dish, but you know very well that the taste of a rich sauce along with the consistency of pasta makes a combo that does not know about seasons. We leave you four places in Buenos Aires to enjoy eating them.

A classic from Villa Crespo

restaurants to eat pasta

For 30 years in that corner of Villa Crespo there was a pasta factory with the classic offer of fresh noodles, cannelloni and boxed ravioli whose quality was evidenced by queues on Sunday morning. Esteban Salgado, a neighbor of the place, was inexplicably attracted to the premises. Life took him to work in Europe and on his return, in 2006, he saw that a rental sign hung on the blinds, so was born  Salgado Alimentos , a restaurant specializing in homemade pasta stuffed with own elaboration, manual and artisanal.

The most surprising thing about the establishment, in addition to the twenty varieties of stuffed pasta, is that everything is done by hand, without machines or molds. Salgado preserved the spirit of the place and you can also buy their products with his sauce advice to cook at home.

The dish we suggest you to order are  salmon ravioli with oysters sauce , red onion, pac choy (a kind of Asian chard) and minis choclitos. There are also some sweet potato and almonds raviolones with four cheeses or raw ham, dried tomatoes and mozzarella with pistachios pesto. And for those who like to try those rare gnocchi, the option is Dijon mustard sautéed with black olives, capers, cherry tomatoes, basil, goat cheese and garlic.

 Address: Velazco 401

An Italian fonda in Recoleta

restaurants to eat pasta

In July 2011,  La Locanda opened its doors, a hundred percent Italian restaurant located in Recoleta. Daniele Pinna, an Italian from Sardinia, is the mentor of this place and who manages to transport his customers to his hometown, through flavors, decoration and music.

Son of a restaurant owner chef in Italy, Daniele has been cooking from the age of 14. He learned basic techniques from his father's hand, which he later perfected in the kitchens of New Castle, Barcelona, Malaga, Tuscany and Sardinia.

La Locanda means an Italian house that has been equipped to offer accommodation to visitors to the city. In most cases it offers the same comforts as any family home, with some limitations such as the number of rooms, but with the charm of being able to receive a more personal treatment and enjoy a very quiet stay with the family. This is the concept that Daniele Pinna tries to convey in his restaurant.

The dish requested by all is  cacio e pepe , which are nothing more than penne rigatti, generous cheese and a touch of pepper. The surprise you will take when the waiter arrives at the table with a giant last of pecorino (sheep's cheese) and inside it overturns the pasta, the heat of the noodles makes the cheese scales that is throwing him melt giving a unique creaminess.

 Address: Jose Leon Pagano 2697

After doing it with Versace, he cooks you

restaurants to eat pasta

Donato de Santis deploys all his art in  Cucina Paradiso  , honoring the recipes of the different regions of Italy. It has three places in the City of Buenos Aires to sit and eat in the neighborhoods of Palermo, Belgrano and Devoto. All three are characterized by their Italian gourmet pantry with local and imported products, and traditional and regional cuisine, with menus designed by the Chef himself. Since the opening of the first Ristorantino, it has been awarded by renowned associations specializing in gastronomy.

In any of the premises of Cucina Pardiso the Chef places special emphasis on essential details to savor the best pasta. How to be the cooking point al dente and replace those sauces that make us feel heavy with fresh ingredients.

The dish we suggest is the  maritata , in which it combines two types of pasta the orecchiette (because it reminds of an ear) and the cavatelli (made eggless and small). They come out sautéed with tomatoes, broccoli, peperoncino, bacon and pecorino scales. If you prefer the fillings better I chose ravioli alla genovese, which come out full of beef, seso, gizzards, caracu, encarole, chard and grated parmesan, a delight.

 Address:  Arévalo 1538

The Shrine of Campana

restaurants to eat pasta

This lunch trip can be combined with a day trip to Campana, just 72 kilometers from the City of Buenos Aires. On the half-day tour you will stop for lunch at  Italpast . This restaurant, without too many frills, began as the dream of Gino and Cecilia. They came to the city from Sardinia and, after collecting the necessary money selling bread in the square, they set up what they knew best: a pasta factory.

In 1995 they opened the restaurant and they had the greatest recognition when, in 2008, the exclusive Cardales Reserve asked them to put a place there.

As you started early in the morning to enjoy the attractions of Campana at lunchtime the level of hunger is important. That's why we recommend you start with a bite with rabas. A balanced combination of raw and cooked ham, mortadella, salame, parmesan, blue cheese, olives, flavored eggplants and of course the rabas.

Then as a main course we recommend, if you like stuffed pasta, order ravioli dei caravinieri, black crab dough and pumpkin with cream sauce with shrimp and saffron that lets the palate discover all the flavors. If instead you prefer noodles we suggest the spaghetti della mareggiata that come with a soft sauce of tomatoes and a variety of seafood.

 Address:  Dellepiane 1050

Publication Date: 10/02/2021

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