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Ecomuseum: a different option in Pinamar

Pinamar is much more than beaches and churros. If you choose this destination, be sure to visit the Ecomuseum. We'll
Buenos Aires
| 21 February, 2020 |

It all began when Nicolas Sarrafiore, a boy of only 7, was walking along the beaches of Pinamar (Buenos Aires). Suddenly, something caught the attention of the little explorer – a tooth . What I didn’t know was it was a Stegomastodon molar between 2,000 and 10,000 years old. This discovery was the starting point of the Ecomuseum and Maritime Station Ing. José María Shaw.

The Ecomuseum also operates the Fundación Ecologica de Pinamar, a team of ecological professionals and activists who protect the natural heritage coastal and resource areas. Its objective is to raise awareness about sustainable and environmentally friendly behaviors. In this sense, they carry out various activities: they carry out rescues of marine fauna, take care of water and the beach, carry out recycling and training and research.

The visit to the Ecomuseum

The environment of the Ecomuseum is the entrance to something very different. It’s surrounded. of dunes and dunes up to 30 meters height. There you can breathe loneliness, silence and tranquility. Inside the station , educational talks are given and interacted with fossils and bones of marine animals.

In addition, during the summer, there are activities for boys in the Little school from Mar: recycling of PET bottles and plastics, and observation of micro-organisms in small samples sea water, among other activities.

As if that were not enough, on the same site of the Ecomuseum is the Parador and La Derivarestaurant, which is supplied with wind and solar power. This is the first parador with ecological awareness of Pinamar. In addition to the restaurant, there is a school of kitesurfing, surfing, kayaking and stand up paddle surf.

Admission is free and free, the Ecomuseum is supported by donations and the merchandasing that is sold on site. It is open from Monday to Friday, from 15 to 19.

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