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Coronel Suarez's pulperium that few know

In a town of Coronel Suárez's party there is a pulperia that keeps very special stories. Find out.

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With the arrival of winter nature is stained with ochre and to the south of the province of Buenos Aires,  Cura Malal , in  Coronel Suárez , becomes a unique  postcard for that season.  La Tranca pulpery  bursts into this landscape with its pink facade and turquoise door, and invites you to an imaginary journey through the nights of guitarreada, letters,  friendship  and clowns.
This small town of just over a  hundred inhabitants,  located 15 kilometers from the head city of that party, saw how through time the centenary pulperie acquired new features, with intense colors, warmth meals and fraternal encounters.
The artist Mercedes Resch is responsible for this transformation. After studying in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires she decided to return to her place to continue playing, as she likes to say, and also recover pictures of her  childhood .

The pulperia was known as the  De Leonard bowling 

That's what it was called, where it was bought with a notebook and people paid at the end of the month when they paid, the neighbors remember.
Resch started thinking about the project twenty years ago. He bought this clay and brick construction that was no longer in operation and began to shape and content the pulpery for a decade ago.
All the  furniture  you enjoy today when you visit it are gifts from the neighbors. The tables are made with woods found in the village, unfortunately a part of the floor could not be recovered because it was pinotea. This wood, like some ceiling jargins, are part of the counter, table legs and shelves. Almost the whole house is made with  recycled materials  and that gives it a particular feature.

the pulperia of Coronel Suarez

For two years  on Fridays  are dedicated to folklore

Guitarreadas, clowns, card games, picturesque characters meet, eat empanadas and enjoy a glass of wine.
On summer evenings the  spirit  of celebration extends to the  village street, and during the winter you enjoy the warmth and  smell of firewood  of La Tranca. Each season brings a new look. In winter there is a blue sky with cuttlefish in nature that remains as a souvenir for life.
We invite you to discover Cura Malal with your own eyes, a place in the south of the province where you can also find  German customs and traditions  that arrived with the first immigrants from the  Volga  and endure until today in the match of Coronel Suarez. Excellent gastronomy, dances and parties, brush-stroke the landscape of this fairy tale  destination  .

Credit of the photos: Press  Tourism Province of Buenos Aires 

Publication Date: 08/07/2020

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