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Bird watching very close to the Big City

Patience and desire to walk are two essential features for “bird watching”, as it is known in the world. We tell you two must-see places.

Buenos Aires
avistaje de aves en buenos aires

Wildlife lovers, and especially those engaged in ornithology, know firsthand that the activity is a great excuse for weekend getaways and discover natural destinations. The most important thing is that you don't need much: just a pair of binoculars, a pen or pencil, and the eBird application that serves to annotate and recognize species.

The province of Buenos Aires, as we have been counting in  Ser Argentino  , has numerous bodies of water, very rich and varied high aquatic avifauna. Moreno and Tigre are the outings we propose for a weekend.

 Moreno, an ideal reserve 

yellow goldfinch in Moreno reserve

In the town of Moreno is the Protected Natural Area  “Engineer Dam Roggero”,  west of Greater Buenos Aires, it has more than a thousand hectares. There are 213 species of birds: from the golden goldfinch to the middle kingfisher. The place also has another municipal reserve  “Los Robles”,  from the Moreno party, is part of this set of bioparks.

The place, like any urban reserve, has great potential in terms of awareness and dissemination of nature preservation and biodiversity conservation. It provides shelter and food for different species of wildlife that, due to the modification of the areas, have few patches of environment where they can live.

The place is visited by school-age students in the district and neighboring towns with the aim of knowing and learning to value this natural space.

 “ Los Robles”  invites visitors to admire the natural landscape, compare the different species and “guess” the origin of migratory women.

The reservation is located on Benito Juarez and Williams Streets. It is accessed by the descent of the Highway of the West at the bridge La Reja on Avenida Roldán kilometer 38, or from Moreno or Lujan on RN 7, to the railway station La Reja. Then head south along Rubén Darío Street, until Avenida De la Argentinidad and Benito Juarez.

The place has services of park rangers, interpretive trails, visitor center, library, camping, cabins, grills, suppliers, bike rental and bath.

 The Delta and all its birds 

bird watching embarked on tiger

Another of the preponderant points that the territory of Buenos Aires has is the protected landscape “ Delta Terra ”, located on the Rama Negra Chico stream, in the first section of Paraná islands, Tigre party. With an area of 22 hectares, stand out the activities of interpretive hiking, observation of flora and fauna, spaces conducive to contemplation and meditation, paddling and photo safaris.

In the protected area there is also a small center for the rescue and rehabilitation of native wildlife in Rioplatense. There works the Azara Foundation, which to date has received around 950 animals, of which 60% managed to reintroduce themselves into nature.

The sector has about 120 species of birds and water mirrors, such as a lagoon and bathing where visitors can appreciate the white herons, blackberry and witch, as well as gallaretas, chajás and different species of ducks. One of the most sought after is the snail, a bird of prey with a hooked beak that uses as a tool to extract snails from its valves.

The Paraná River Delta is an extremely diverse environment, complex in its operation and with a wealth of fascinating natural processes. Delta Terra has bird-watching activities in small groups and the experience is always very rewarding. People get excited about the challenge of finding and identifying birds and all this happens in an environment where the only sounds are those they produce and those of nature itself.

Each section of the reserve has its attraction: In the streams inhabit the fishing species such as the common biguá and the kingfisher, in the albardón forest you can see the tura del monte, the juan chiviro, the royal carpenter, the blue tacuarita, the red and white thrushes, the calandria, the herd, the benteveo, the short fio-fio, the common mouse, and the musician thrush, among a huge variety.

Delta Terra offers guide and park ranger services. There you can visit the “Deli & Café La Pasionaria”, a place whose architectural design blends with the natural environment.

The only way to get there is by private boat or by hire. Sail to the pier on Espera stream and from there the tourist walks towards the reserve along the edge of the Rama Negra Chico stream.

Bird watching is an unavoidable experience for those who enjoy nature and wild environments. The Province of Buenos Aires has must-see destinations to schedule your next getaways in Argentina.

Photo credit of Tapa: Hernán Ibáñez

Publication Date: 26/10/2020

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